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Tales from the Field Transformation

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Tears ran down the cheeks of the elderly Chinese pastor as our team member presented him with a study Bible. The interpreter informs us that this is the answer to a decade of prayer. Whose life did this impact the most: the pastor, the thousands of Christians that he was leading, or our team member?
The young Alaskan girl hops up and shouts “I do!!” when the skit presented in a city park ended with “Who wants to accept this Jesus as their friend?” Not only her life is now impacted forever, but so are these team members who had the privilege of bringing the truth of God’s love to her.



32 years, 6 continents, 49 countries and thousands of lives impacted. In Motion Ministries is not building an organization; we are building people.
It is IMM’s desire that everyone associated with IMM experience the intense emotion of connecting with God; whether this be a short-term missionary, a team leader, a Country Host, the local pastor, or a person we meet along our journey. People deserve to be lead from a position of love and an ever- deepening realization of their value, dignity and worth because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. We want them to leave their contact with IMM having experienced God’s amazing love for them.

At In Motion Ministries, our goal is to equip those who go on our trips or enter our leadership program with the ability to impact the world with God’s love in every sphere of life. We’re setting God’s heart in motion through feeding programs, service, education, evangelism, awareness and action against human trafficking. Our legacy is built of stories and experiences; thousands of hearts that have been touched through IMM’s trips and educational courses. People from all walks of life, different backgrounds, cultures, and locations experience life changing moments as they work, share the Gospel, bring aid, and love those they meet on the mission field. Back home, the transformation that takes place in our own community is marked, as those who are given the opportunity to work together to create good are spurred into action. We are building a family across borders and nations of people who are willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus; to bravely take action in their own lives to see His goodness transform every area of society. From the leper colonies in the remote hills of China, to the Red-Light District in Costa Rica, to the small villages of Madagascar, to the Native American reservations here in North America, we are seeing God’s love touch countless individuals. These people then turn around to impact their families, who then transform their neighborhoods, who then change their cities, nations, and the world.


Support Reaching the World with the Hope of Christ: Participating in the 2019 In Motion Ministries Fundraising Gala

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In Motion Ministries provides all persons that want to participate with short-term mission trip opportunities, as well as training and education to effectively spread God’s love. Someone like you is given a place to fulfill your ministry desires and use the talents that God has given you to help others. Jump onboard and support the ministry that supports you by attending the upcoming gala.

In Motion Ministries 2019 Annual Fundraising Gala

Set at the expansive Island Grove Park’s Event Center, the upcoming gala includes a meaningful presentation over a catered dinner and an invitation to be a part of the work being done around the world and in your own backyard. You, as a table host purchases a $275 ticket which provides a 10-top table for yourself and your nine guests. Tables are roomy and there’s plenty of parking available on site. Can’t swing a whole table? That’s no problem, you can purchase individual tickets for $35 each.

2019 Gala Theme

This year’s gala theme is “Transformation,” and it focuses on the positive changes Christ bring to our lives when we choose to believe that He loves us and has the best in mind for our lives. The program features a presentation from a speaker whose life was turned around and transformed by Christ after he suffered a severe tragedy. It shows how In Motion Ministries was a part of helping him through this season of his life. The ministry’s caring attention helped point him to the depth of God’s love and support for him. This played a big part in his healing. The night will instill hope that we can overcome our circumstances and thrive through Christ.

Gala Goals

A portion of In Motion’s Emotional Impact Statement says, “We want them (all people) to leave their contact with IMM having experienced God’s amazing love for them.” A part of this night’s goal is to fulfill that statement. We are all valued and loved by God. As we understand how great our value is to God, we believe more and more in His transformative power to heal our lives and help us thrive.  The second part of the Gala’s goal is to invite those in attendance to join the work of the ministry by giving financially through In Motion.  As more people become part of spreading this message, the number of people increase that hear it and are given the opportunity to live in the hope that only Christ can bring.

If you’re ready to help others experience in the transformative powers of Christ, come and be part of the 2019 In Motion Ministries Annual Fundraising Gala.

Visit: and purchase a ticket while they’re still available!

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5 Reasons Every Teen Should Experience A Mission Trip

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What if there was an experience that could open your eyes, soften your heart, and turn you into an empowered servant of God?

For thousands of people, this experience is what they voluntarily sign up for on a yearly basis. In the United States alone, thousands of groups will embark on a Jesus-centered, life-changing mission trip. A large fraction of those groups are made up of young, up-and-coming servants of God: teenagers.

The teen years are a formative time, and it’s important that teens be surrounded with people who can help them grow not only in mind and heart, but in faith.

Here are five reasons why every teen should experience going on a short term group mission trip:

Mission trips build community.

Mission trips are events that teens look forward to where they get to create lifelong friendships as they serve God side by side. Having shared experiences, especially ones with people who have common beliefs, brings groups together. Teens who go on mission trips eat together, travel together, work with people together, get up at atrocious hours together, and bond with one another.

Missions trips broaden horizons.

Teenagers rarely get the opportunity to step outside their warm, cushy bubbles and see what life is like for other people. But when they join a short term group mission trip, they are able to meet individuals from all walks of life. In their day to day lives teens don’t get to witness firsthand the stark differences between their lives and those who aren’t as fortunate. They don’t get to learn about the history of a place as told by its people.

The kind of education a short term group mission trip provides cannot be taught in school. Teenagers become more appreciative of the privileges they enjoy on a daily basis when they see how other people can live without first world luxuries. Short term missions prove that financial status is arbitrary, and that in God’s eyes, everyone is the same.

Mission trips push comfort zones.

Living in a first world country comes with a lot of perks. Hot and cold showers, soft beds, television, abundance of clean drinking water… the list goes on. Teenagers typically won’t encounter discomforts that people from impoverished countries suffer through every single day.

Short term missions give young adults the opportunity to break out of their comfort zones. They get to paint houses, carry out minor home repairs, manually mix concrete under the heat of the sun, eat simple food, and sleep on air mattresses (sometimes on the floor). But then they are constantly reminded that through their service, they are able to help others grow closer to Christ.

Mission trips give purpose.

We often underestimate the ability of teenagers to impact the world, but when given the chance, they take on a lot of responsibility and make a difference.

Mission trips allow youth to think and act like adults, without the safety net of home. They become proactive, open-minded individuals and become more aware of what they’re capable of doing. That, in itself, is a most powerful thing.

Mission trips allow teens to participate in Christ’s ministry.

Jesus journeyed far and wide to preach the gospel to his flock. For many teenagers, mission trips are the start of their lifelong commitment to God’s word. It gives them the chance to participate in God’s global mission in agreement with His heart for the world.

Adults who have gone on a Christian mission trip as a teenager, often recall that the experience was one in which God worked through their lives. It wasn’t simply about going on a fun tour with their friends, or painting houses for the needy, or building resumes for their future career. It was about anchoring their faith in the Lord through serving others.

For many years, short term group mission trips have played a crucial role in the lives of Christian teenagers, and we continue to believe in the power it has on developing minds. Many teens have walked away from our programs with a stronger heart for service than ever before.

Interested in participating in Christ’s ministry with your group? Join In Motion Ministries!

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7 Things To Remember Before Embarking On Your Next Short-Term Mission Work

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Though it might hurt to admit it, there’s something fundamentally counterintuitive with how we, the church, present short term mission trips.

When recruiting people to embark on short term mission trips, we always talk to them about “the experience” and how it “changes you” and makes you feel “a sense of fulfillment”. Participants who have gone on short term mission trips always come back with stories about how the trip has inspired them to become better servants of the ministry, and how their experiences have renewed their faith.

But in a sense, it hurts rather than helps our case.

This approach is a misdirection of great proportion. Thinking of short term mission trips as a way to better the self rather than help the church spread the word and glorify God is self-serving.

Thankfully, there is a remedy: by shifting the way we see short term mission trips. We should dedicate every short-term trip to benefit the work of long-term missionaries. These changes aren’t the kind that happen overnight; and they have to start before the missionaries even set foot on the plane.

How can we prepare participants for short term mission trips so they may serve well? Read on for ten things that need to be considered by everyone who wants to embark on a short term mission trip:

Don’t lose focus.

The thought of going on an adventure to a foreign land would excite anybody. But your desire to serve Him must trump any feelings of fear or elation in your heart, or else it might lead to trips that are not as productive as intended.

A mission is not a vacation; it’s not simply about building houses, delivering speeches, making new friends, or distributing aid—despite these being the major tasks that make up these trips, the sole purpose of your mission is to proclaim God’s glory among the nations. “Sing to the Lord, bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” (Psalm 96:2-3)

Be humble without provocation or prejudice.

This is especially significant since missions involve interacting with people from all walks of life. From the lowly janitor to the CEO, we should treat everyone with love in equal measure. Our role as apostles is important, but we must remember that, just as Jesus humbled himself and died on the cross to save us from our sins, we must also humble ourselves in front of each other.

Be ready for extreme exhaustion.

You won’t leave the mission relaxed and rejuvenated. You’ll be overworked, jetlagged, and exposed to harsh foreign elements. Expect to spend every ounce of effort and energy sharing the gospel of the Lord, in both your words and actions. Nicaragua mission trips, for example, will involve a lot of travelling on foot and long hours of hard, manual labor.

But when you’re in bed after a particularly difficult day, just remember why you’re tired, and what your work can achieve.

Know how to adjust.

Many times, your short term mission trip schedule will change with little or no notice—and that’s okay. You need to be prepared to encounter these irregularities between your expectation and reality. As part of the church, you must be careful not to pressure overseas workers into aligning with your pre-planned schedule or outcome, especially when your demands are no longer within reason.

When plans change last-minute, or unforeseen incidents affect the flow of work and timeline, accept the situation with an open mind and happy heart. Toss those predetermined notions out the window and go with the flow.

Be open to learning from the people around you.

Every single person we encounter in life has a story to share… but only if we are humble enough to accept what they have to say. Whenever you meet people on your trip, you should realize that you’re meeting a person who lives a totally different life than you do.  Accepting that you don’t know everything won’t just make you gain respect for the people around you, but it also makes you a better servant for Christ. “To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.” (Daniel 1:17)

Serve with all your heart.

The church teaches us to serve extravagantly—that is to say, with exceptional fervor—and to align ourselves with those who have risked life and limb for the sake of Jesus’ name by supporting them in a manner worthy of God. We must prepare ourselves to toil away beyond what is expected of us, and beyond reason, and remember that our efforts pale in comparison to the efforts of the people who have committed years of their lives to the mission field.

Be low maintenance.

It’s relatively easy to fall into the mindset of “I’m a foreign person in a foreign land, attend to me hand and foot”. A mission trip will not offer you the same comforts that home does, and you have to be okay with that. Simply remind yourself that you are there to serve, not be served.

However, people might be so thankful for your presence that they freely offer their time, efforts, and even gifts to you, remember that they are doing so out of love for the gospel. You are not there as a mere individual but as a representative of the Lord, bearing his name. Be the person whose presence lifts everyone’s spirits up rather than weigh them down.

If you’re ready to embark on a short term mission trip contact In Motion Ministries today!

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6 Things You Might Not Know About Short-Term Mission Trips

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An estimated 1.5 million people from the US participate in short-term mission trips each year, spending upwards of $2 billion in the process. That’s a lot of people and a lot of money. The question is, does it really help? If teams contribute to feelings of inferiority or superiority or perpetuate the cycle of poverty, they may be doing more harm than good. By learning to alter your thoughts about short-term missions, you have the chance to be more effective and support positive change. Here are six things you might not know.

Developing Countries Need Partners, Not Heroes

When traveling to a foreign land, remember that you are not a hero. By allowing yourself to foster a hero or god complex, your good works will be diminished. Developing countries need long-term partners to foster growth and learn to support themselves. Short-term heroes need not apply. By focusing on encouraging gospel work and glorifying God over our own experiences, short-term ministry becomes an unselfish venture.

We Are All Poverty-Stricken

If your trip makes you grateful for the money and material items you have because those you helped had so little, you’re missing the point. Everyone is poor in some way. You may have material belongings but suffer from spiritual, physical, or systemic poverty. Acknowledging our need for God is the only way to heal ourselves and serve others.

You Should Do Things With People, Not For Peopl

Just because someone lives in a developing country doesn’t mean they can’t do things for themselves. Instead of offering to paint a wall, invite them to help. Everyone needs a sense of self-worth and equality.

You Should Always Know the History of Where You’re Going

Understanding historical context is just as important as the immediate context in short-term mission trips. Before traveling to another country, you should look into the history of the country or neighborhood. Study the role the United States and the Church have played there. Find out what their current issues are so you can give them exactly what they need to succeed.

Raising Money Long-Term Is Better Than Contributing for a Week

Money may not be everything, but it certainly helps. Used wisely, it can make a huge difference to the country you’re visiting. So, don’t just fundraise for a one-week trip. Keep up the momentum and try to match every dollar spent on that trip to continuously serve that country over the course of the year.

Reciprocal Relationships Breed Learning Opportunities

Building personal relationships should always be prioritized over completing projects. Sharing information about your family, your needs, and your pain helps others understand that not everyone in the United States is rich and happy. Be open to being honest and vulnerable and willing to ask questions about their culture. It’s the best way to learn. Along the same lines, don’t take pictures of kids in situations you wouldn’t want your own children to endure. Show respect and come home with names and stories, not photos of random kids.

Short-term missions are special and important, and shouldn’t be discouraged, but going into it with the right mindset can help you make a bigger difference. When you’re ready to leave the comfort of your home and be among the people, following in the steps of Jesus, In-Motion Ministries can help you get there. Check out our ministry options for an adventure that suits the talents of your particular group.

Nicaragua October 18 – 30 Home Featured Mission Trip Locations Current Missions Nicaragua October 18 – 30

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Join IMM for a week in the jungle surrounded villages of Nicaragua, encouraging the believers in churches, engaging in children’s ministry, traveling by boat and sleeping in tents. This is an exciting experience unlike any other! The team will fly first into the neighboring country of Costa Rica and travel to an Island in Lake Managua Nicaragua, returning to Costa Rica before heading home.

This mission trip is suitable for families and those wanting an adventurous experience in Central America.

Trip price does not include cost of flight to training location.

Dates: October 18-30
Price – $1,747.00

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