Water Crisis in the Philippines

Help the water crisis by connecting with other like-minded partners and Donors.

Lack of Clean Water isn’t Acceptable

In Motion is working with Strategic Partners in the Philippines trying to solve one of the area’s most pressing obstacles.

The Water Crisis

  • Water pollution in the Philippines and a lack of proper sewage kills 55 people every day.

Farming’s Effect

Nitrate levels in water can be very dangerous. Run-off from farming can contaminate ground water making it an unsuspected pollutant that harms famlies in rural communities.

Death by Water

Access to adequate sanitation facilities is a community wide issue for more than 30 million Filipinos (UNICEF).

Growing Problem

The population of the Philippines is rising faster than access to clean water is which means more and more people will be born into situations of poor water conditions. The problem is growing under their feet.

There is hope! You can provide clean water.

NGOs, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals have partnered together for years to help bring access to clean water to millions of people over the world.

In Motion is a platform for charged supporters to ignite a sizable change in the lives of families for both the Gospel and the most tangible of human needs. This water project is flooding in clean water and the Water of Life.

Your Support with the Philippines’

Water Crisis is a simple step away.

In Motion has spent years sending mission teams all over the world. In those years, we have seen great need but have also witnessed the Body of Christ rise to the challenge of many issues. From getting Bibles to China to building churches in Costa Rica In Motion has seen Christians step up in real ways.

That is why when we were presented with the opportunity to partner with multiple in-country, clean-water organizations across the world, we jumped in. Together, we are putting clean water into homes, schools, and promoting life for the most disadvantaged.

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