Leadership Opportunites through Convoy of Hope and In Motion Ministries

As an In Motion Team Leader, you have the potential to lead trips through Convoy of Hope.

In Motion Ministries partners with Convoy’s Field Teams division to lead about 20 mission trips each year. Convoy teams assist with the organization’s ongoing work with the poor in the USA and around the world. As a leader for one of these teams, you will guide your team through a week of construction or other work projects, feeding programs and possibly children’s ministry. You will help your team navigate through the emotional roller coaster they may experience in response to the hardships they witness. You will help your team minister the Love of Jesus to those who have been the victims of devastation, extreme poverty, or marginalization.

IMM and Convoy have partnered in mission work since 2015. In the following video, Matt Wilkie, Field Teams Director for Convoy of Hope, gives you a glimpse into the relationship that has formed between the two ministries:

We invite you to join the In Motion Ministries leadership program and become part of the recovery efforts going on around the world through Convoy of Hope. To learn how, click here: