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Honduras Mission Trip

Honduras is one of featured mission trip countries for water projects. There are many different mission trip types that you can choose from and we just wanted to make you aware about this exciting opportunity. No matter what you do, a mission trip to Honduras in 2020 would be amazing and leave an impact.

  • Community Ministry
  • Work Projects
  • Water Projects
  • Church Ministry
  • Street Ministry
  • Teen Mission Trip
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Drama/Puppets/Dance Ministry
  • Construction Trip
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Join a mission trip to Honduras! Honduras is home to an ancient Mesoamerican tradition mixed with Spanish culture. Although the country is similar to other Central American countries it, of course, has its own unique characteristics.

Honduras is a third world country with many people living in poverty and need. One of the main problems in the country is clean water. You could choose to join a long-standing water project in Honduras which endeavors to get water filters in many homes. By helping install water filters, you not only bless the people, but you also have an open door for face to face ministry.

Of course, there are many other types of ministry that need to happen there as well.

Explore the many facets of discipleship in your Honduras mission trip. Make this happen for your group and let His love be known in your mission trips to Honduras.

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