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Have you ever been bursting to share the gospel, but found yourself in a situation when you’re not sure how to proceed? Have you ever wanted to be bold and cross every chicken line, but found that you’re not being received like you’d hoped? I’ve just returned from almost two weeks in the stunning and […]

We would like to take this month’s newsletter to celebrate our Mission Coordinator Luke Greener. Luke has served as an incredible part of the In Motion Staff, filling many roles and passionately following the path the Lord has laid out for him. That path is now taking a turn, and we are excited to see […]

In February, I wrote an article about visiting our brothers and sisters who reside in a city dump in the Philippines. That place is where I began to discover that poverty is a spiritual issue. The poverty of soul is so much more prevalent than the physical poverty that my 5 senses beheld. Here I […]

Recently I had the privilege of traveling with Convoy of Hope to an island in the Philippines with a mission team who visited a community that resides in the city dump. It was there I first heard the statement: Poverty is a spiritual issue. Read More

If you read my article a month ago, you will remember a dream that lead us to a point of great wealth in 2016. This great wealth has been realized in the thousands of lives that have journeyed with us and have been marked by the experience. They have been marked by dignity, value, and […]

It started out as a dream. A dream that was worth giving some effort to accomplish. A dream that was going to cost me a lot, but that would also potentially return a high reward. A dream that if fulfilled would yield great wealth. A dream that captured my heart and inspired me to act. […]

Because of our relationship with Convoy of Hope, IMM certified team leaders have had the privilege of leading or assistant-leading fifteen Convoy of Hope Field Teams to Haiti this year. This was the first time to Haiti for many of our leaders. The story below is written by Vicki Brawner (Missions Coordinator at In Motion Ministries). […]