a Clean Water Project

In Motion has committed to bring clean water to impoverished locations in the Philippines and other locations around the world.

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Using a Water Mission to bring the Water of Life

In late 2019, In Motion Ministries began the process of partnering with great organizations that save lives by providing needy families with safe drinking water. These have led to the orchestration of clean water projects and sanitation education to families in the Philippines. These in-country hosts have built partnerships with villages that have opened the door for them to receive access to on-demand clean water, in their own home.

Harmful water due to feces contamination affects at least two billion people in the world. Such contaminated water can pass along diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. This causes up to 485,000 deaths a year due to diarrhea alone. 2

However, one simple filter reduces the leading causes of death and disease. It removes parasites, bacteria, and viruses from contaminated water making it safer to drink. It’s the first point-of-use technology of its kind that is designed to deliver safe water to a family for more than 10 years. 3

Eternal Hope

You through In Motion Ministries and these strategic partnerships, can bring clean water that saves lives and provides the foundation to a good life.

This project opens doors for teams to bring Jesus Christ, the Water of Life, into every home as they install the families’ new water filter. This is Physical and Spiritual life that lets them know how much God loves and cares for each of them. This results in powerful ministry opportunities and saved lives for the locals!

Water Filters and Clean Water

$300 provides one water filter that can provide clean water for at least 8-10 years. This filter is often installed directly into a family’s home and gives them on-demand, clean water.

The filters are accompanied by an excellent team which also shares Living Water which will bring them new life in a completely different way.


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Water Filter Cost

The installed price (start to finish) per filter is $300. This is the average price of a filter across our partnerships and across technological options present in each location. This purchases the filter, which lasts up to 8-10 years, transports the filter to the area of need (or with one host, manufactures the filter in-country), and provides the resources for in-country hosts and mission teams to install them on location.


IMM helps people in the Philippines and other locations get access to clean water by giving water filters to households in areas of desperate need. This is accomplished through mission trips and working with local missionaries and organizations to install the final product. The locations listed are where we have current partnerships but are actively looking for more that are a good fit and that can fit the In Motion model.

Mission Trips

In Motion Ministries specializes in creating exceptional mission trips and sending highly effective mission teams all over the globe. The partnerships we form enable you to go on an IMM trip for the purpose of installing these water filters in impoverished areas. You will be able to offer the Gospel to people in a tangible way. This doesn't diminish the “IMM experience” but adds to what is possible for your team.

Information About the Filters that are Used

Some partners may manufacture their own bio-sand filter. Others purchase theirs through regional distribution channels. In Motion is coming alongside such organizations to provide more mission teams, finances, and opportunity that is uniquely created with working together.
BSFs are columns of finely crushed rock (sand) on which microorganisms are living. Water is poured into the top of the column and spends a period of time in contact with the sand. This allows the microorganisms living in the sand to remove pathogens from the water. When a new batch of water is poured in the water that was added earlier flows out as clean, pure drinking water.
Give $300 for a Filter or Whatever You Can