In Motion creates, plans, and leads short term mission trips for groups, all over the world. We exist to see hearts and lives transformed on the mission field and when you return home.

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In Motion Ministries - Christian Short Term Mission Trips

In Motion has helped over 2,150 people fulfill their dream of taking short-term mission trips. Groups of all kinds have asked us to help them with creating mission trips that change the hearts and lives of their members. Are you and your group next? Where do you want to go?

In Motion is a leading provider of Christian Short Term Mision Trips and is based out of lovely Colorado. We have missionary hosts all over the world that we take our mission trip teams to. Every group goes to one of these established hosts and takes an In Motion Certified Leader with them to ensure that your mission trip is safe and successful.

Call In Motion Ministries at (970) 352-5640 or start the converstaion online.

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Explore our favorite short mission trip locations:

Costa Rica Mission Trip

Start a Mission Trip to this Beautiful land with much need.

Alaska Indian Reservations

Planting seeds in rugged soil.

Trips to England or Europe

A Historic place with post-Christian challenges

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Powerful Short Term Mission Trips

Are you looking for growth? Do you desire to dive deeply into a personal relationship with Father God? Join a welcoming and diverse community of people seeking to live fully immersed in the Kingdom, pursuing health and wholeness on STM trips but also in all of life.

Passionate Leaders

In Motion sends our very own Certified Leaders around the world on every mission adventure we create. And this is open to mature and level-headed Christians!

If that is you join our leadership program! We have over 20 Certified Leaders that know how to lead in difficult situations out of love and not fear; a harder task than you’d think. Learn more about the leadership program and our leadership training events.

Clean Water Project

Providing clean water for families in around the world. Utilizing our connections and resources to make a sustainable difference in the lives of families.

Donate or create a trip to bring water to homes in 2020.

Engaging Women around the World

You Are Worthy is bringing the Gospel to a generation of women who were told they weren’t good enough. Learning to wear a crown and realize their full identity.

Picture of a short Term Mission Trip with a Young Adult and Children in Costa Rica

Specializing in Short Mission Trips for Groups

In Motion has a unique calling within the Christian short term missions world. We connect groups with hosts all over the world and send a Certified Leader on every short term mission trip. Find out what else sets In Motion apart and how you can join.

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I loved getting pushed out of my comfort zone this week by the leaders and seeing how they led, seeking only to magnify the Lord and not themselves. This trip has changed my life. I feel so much more equipped to live on mission in everyday life.

IMM Team MemberJamaica Mission Trip 2018

The first night, God helped me connect with a little boy in my class. He also helped me settle my heart regarding what I have been going through with Him. So thankful for all that you guys did and do!

YRW Team MemberMontana Women's Trip - 2019

This trip exceeded my expectations! I didn’t expect In Motion Leaders to care so much about our personal experience. They have the most amazing hearts and immediately connected with us. I didn’t expect to be so welcomed everywhere we visited. I didn’t expect to see so many miracles of healing. I didn’t expect to walk away so blessed by this experience. I’m changed forever!

ShareenCosta Rica Mission Trip 2018

I personally have loved being on this trip. It has been a very humbling experience for me. It has shown me how to love and how to move Christ like and I think that is exactly what I needed in my life.

ElizabethColorado Mission Trip 2018

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