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Whether you represent a group, or you are an individual, tell us your dream and vision.


In Motion Ministries - Short Term Mission Trips

Setting People in Motion to Minister
On the Mission Field and at Home

The need to share the Good News Gospel is as great as ever. In Motion has helped over 1,750 people fulfill their dream of taking a short-term mission trip. Are you next? Where do you want to go?

IMM will get you there and ensure a safe and life-changing mission trip. Contact us today by calling this number or visiting our contact page using the button below. (970) 352-5640

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Whether you represent a group, or you are an individual, tell us your dream and vision. We will help you go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

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LEAD Mission Trips through IMM's Leadership Training Program

Do you want to learn to be a loving leader for mission trips around the world?

Join our leadership program! Start by finding out who we are and what we do.

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Are you looking for growth? Do you desire to dive deeply into a personal relationship with Father God? Come learn how being connected to the love of God can change your life. Join an interactive community of people seeking to live fully immersed in the Kingdom, pursuing health and wholeness in life and ministry.

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“I loved getting pushed out of my comfort zone this week by the leaders and seeing how they led, seeking only to magnify the Lord and not themselves. This trip has changed my life. I feel so much more equipped to live on mission in everyday life.”

IMM Team MemberJamaica trip 2018

“This trip exceeded my expectations! I didn’t expect In Motion Leaders to care so much about our personal experience. They have the most amazing hearts and immediately connected with us. I didn’t expect to be so welcomed everywhere we visited. I didn’t expect to see so many miracles of healing. I didn’t expect to walk away so blessed by this experience. I’m changed forever!”

ShareenCosta Rica trip 2018

“I personally have loved being on this trip. It has been a very humbling experience for me. It has shown me how to love and how to move Christ like and I think that is exactly what I needed in my life.”

ElizabethColorado trip 2018

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