In Motion Ministries

In Motion Ministries provides Christ-centered mission trips, conferences, local service opportunities and a variety of teaching resources; uniquely connecting people to an experience with God; impacting their life and world.

Missions and Leadership Training

With each In Motion trip, we send at least one In Motion Certified Leader. This leader knows how to handle a trip safely but also how to navigate the heart and emotional projects that come up in every team member. Our leadership training helps you to be able to lead these trips but can just as easily be used in everyday situations. Want to lead mission trips or just be a better leader? Find out when to join us.

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Short-term Mission Trips

Our service is that we set up and run an entire Christian mission trip for you and your group. In Motion does this for churches, schools, youth groups, families, and groups with common interests. We use our partners and hosts across the world to get you to a place where your ministry is needed.

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    Partners and Country Hosts

    We have a tight network which we consider family. There are dozens of in-country missionaries that play the role as host for In Motion trips. We also partner with other organizations to extend the reach and impact of In Motion's efforts. Some of these partners are Convoy of Hope, Clean Water International, and Mission Water Project. Inquire about how your organization could benefit from In Motion and what you bring to the table. We are excited about new Kingdom ventures.

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