New Beginnings

In 1986 Richard and Norma Dunn took their many years of experience in youth ministry and traveling groups and put it to a new test. In June of 1986 this team set off for the United Kingdom, and this forever changed the destiny of their lives. Visions World Outreach, later renamed In Motion Ministries, was born!

In 1996 a bold new step was made. Norma Dunn stepped down as Director of the Ministry and Seth Dunn (Rich and Norma’s son) took over leadership of the ministry. Seth and his wife, Saundra, were on that first mission trip organized by Visions World Outreach. They fell in love with short-term missions, and in January of 2000 they dedicated their lives completely to this work. This began a new era for this ministry.

Where We Are Now

In January of 2009 In Motion Ministries moved into its own office and missions training center. It is in a rural setting near Greeley, Colorado with a view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Since 1986 hundreds of teams and thousands of team members have ministered to hundreds of thousands of people. IMM has been in over 50 nations on 6 continents as well as over half of the United States to date. As we look forward, we’re dedicated to continuing our mission –to tell people about a good God and connect them to His heart through women’s empowerment, life coaching, and Open Fields Church.