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Messy finances are a major contributor to relationship and life problems. As a financial coach, I can help you move away from destructive patterns and thrive in your finances. I am not a financial coach because of money, I am a financial coach because I want to see people thrive!

You may feel like you can’t afford a financial coach, but the cost of continuing to manage your finances poorly is far greater than the cost of getting some help now.

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What is a Financial Coach?


  • I am not a Financial Advisor: offering investments and insurance
  • I am not a Financial Counselor: digging deep into the history of your finances
  • I AM a Financial Coach: looking forward and providing ideas, perspective, resources, and tools that you can use to create a healthy financial life. You are in the driver’s seat! You choose what to do and you implement those choices. I am simply at your side, coaching you.
    • I am not here to judge your financial past or even to analyze it to any depth.
    • I am here to assess your current situation and help you develop a plan and tools to move forward and succeed.

Free Consultation

Let's Talk! I want to hear your story and the financial story you want to write going forward. I will share how I can assist you with a financial future that is life giving rather than painful. You can then decide whether you are ready to journey forward.

One Hour Meeting

We will deep dive into your financial challenges and goals and while one hour is a limited time; we will explore where you are headed financially, identify your weak spots and explore some forward moving options for you.

3 One-Hour Meetings

This program allows us to really work on your financial future. We will begin by hearing your story and your financial goals. You will then be introduced to tools for your financial success and trained how to use them. Finally we will celebrate your success, clarify the plan and assure you are clear on your plan for financial success.
*Follow up sessions are available to you at a discount as you feel you need them.

12 One-Hour Meetings

Choosing this program allows you to not only benefit from financial coaching, but to give the gift of financial coaching to others. The 12 hours in this program is shareable with other people as you choose.

Custom Program

You may have a unique situation that deserves unique treatment. With years of experience in Christian ministry, small business, family business and personal finances; I get the varied things you may be facing and am ready to discuss your unique needs. We can decide together how to move forward to meet your goals.

About Me

Dreams, purpose, faith, value, integrity, family: these are things that have defined my life in many ways. Life is so much more than just working a job and going through the motions. Work is important, but if it doesn’t satisfy your heart and lead you to good things, then it is left feeling empty.

I married my high school sweetheart, have two amazing children who have provided me with two amazing children by marriage not to mention grandchildren. They make life full and vibrant and I am thankful for each of them.

I have made my fair share of mistakes, but I have also enjoyed my fair share of success! And along the way I am learning how to honor my family, myself, and my dreams and, all the while, prosper financially. I love money because it helps us fulfill our dreams. I would be honored to help you on a journey of financial success and living your dreams.

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