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In Motion Ministries is a gateway to the mission field providing education, training, and worldwide opportunities to minister God’s love. We will set you In Motion to fulfill the desires and talents God has placed in you for worldwide missions.

In addition to providing full-service mission trips we also have an extensive leadership program for those interested in leading mission teams. The leadership trainings help prepare you to navigate the logistical, spiritual, and mental obstacles that arise, whether you are leading on the mission field, in your home church, or wherever you serve.

In Motion is also involved in funding clean water projects across the world that bring health and the Gospel to individuals and families in need. Technoloies in use differ by geographic location but the end result is the same: clean water to be used by families and communities and a tailored Gospel presentation with it.

In Motion Sends out Christian Short Term Missionaries all over the world

Emotional Impact Statement

It is In Motion’s desire that everyone associated with IMM experience the intense emotion of connecting with God; whether this be a short-term missionary, a team leader, a country host, the local pastor, or a person we meet along our journey.

People deserve to be lead from a position of love and an ever deepening realization of their value, dignity and worth because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. We want them to leave their contact with IMM having experienced God’s amazing love for them.

Man Happy on Mission Trip

Mission Statement

In Motion Ministries provides Christ-centered mission trips, Conferences, local service opportunities, a clean water project and a variety of teaching resources; which are high quality and purpose-driven with a lasting impact.

Vision Statement

In Motion Ministries is a Christian organization that uniquely connects people to an experience with God; impacting their life and world.

What is a short term missions organization?

It is an organization that handles short term mission trips for other organizations and groups. Creating mission trips and handling the administration of such trips so that the group that is sent only has to worry about mission trip fundraising and offering an effective trip for the in-country host once they are there. Short term missions organizations take much of the stress out of planning a mission trip as they usually have the expertise and time to handle all the logistics.

What is a Christian missions organization?

Christian mission trip organizations often help both missionaries get onto the field and help denominations or networks support these missionaries. These organizatins act as a hub between churches and the missionaries they support in order to make sure that the broader determined goals are being reached as far as fundraising, evangelism, and sustatined growth in missionary activity. In Motion is not a missions organization in that sense. We, rather, deal with sending short term mission trips to hosts within our network of influence and relationship and help groups of any sort (denomination, church, para-church, etc.) get onto the mission field and grow in that way.

In Motion, being one of these mission trip organization works with your group to determine where to go, what will happen on the trip, and manage all the travel arrangments. In Motion also sends a Certified Leader on your trip, so that you have the expertise of In Motion with you on your trip. We don’t leave you stranded to figure it out but give you every resource to have a trip that is meaningful for years to come. That is the difference of solid mission trip organizations.

In Motion Missions

Over the years In Motion Ministries has learned a lot about short-term missions and how to do it right, with integrity and effectiveness. Missionaries, pastors, and churches all over the world need short-term missionaries to help them fulfill the dreams and vision God has given them. Our name really says what we are about, “Setting People In Motion to Minister”.

Your trip with IMM will not be a vacation. It will have lots of fun, but you will be on a mission adventure. You will join hands with local believers and fulfill a God-given mandate. You will leave knowing that you have served in such a way that you have left a mark, physically and spiritually. How do we do this?

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Balance in Leadership

Leader VLOG #6! Balance is something we find ourselves talking about a lot at IMM, so for this Leader VLOG, we wanted to discuss how balance applies to leadership. More specifically, let's talk about balance as it applies to supporting people vs. stretching people! Watch the video, listen for the questions, then scroll to the bottom and respond in the…
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The Boy in Ireland

It was very early in the 1990’s, and there was still a lot of tension (even danger) between Ireland and Northern Ireland.  We were in the Republic of Ireland for the first time, and we were loving the beauty of the country, the warm and welcoming people and the opportunity to share our simple message of God’s love. We were…

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