About In Motion Ministries

In Motion Ministries is a gateway to the mission field providing education, training, and worldwide opportunities to minister God’s love. We will set you In Motion to fulfill the desires and talents God has placed in you.

In addition to mission trips we also have an extensive leadership program for those interested in becoming better leaders, a women’s empowerment ministry —You Are Worthy, and life coaching services.

Emotional Impact Statement

It is In Motion’s desire that everyone associated with IMM experience the intense emotion of connecting with God; whether this be while participating in an IMM ministry, serving as a volunteer, working on staff or any way we meet along our journey.

People deserve to be lead from a position of love and an ever-deepening realization of their value, dignity and worth because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. We want them to leave their contact with IMM having experienced God’s amazing love for them.  

Leader Vlog Cover Thumbnail ImagesLeadership
March 29, 2021

Mixing Compassion and Truth

Leader VLOG #12! Welcome to Episode 12 of our Leadership VLOG series. In this episode, Saundra discusses compassion and truth in leadership. Last month we talked about leading by connecting to people's hearts rather than just giving them knowledge. Today I want to take that one step further and discuss the merging of compassion and truth in your leadership. The…
February 22, 2021

This Spirit and Tongues

QUESTION: As I study speaking in tongues, I have a few questions that I feel like varies from person to person.... When speaking in tongues: Is that something that happens out of the presence of it Spirit (uncontrollable), is it something that a person just decides to do, or both? ANSWER: Thanks for the question, David.  This is a big…
Leader Vlog Cover Thumbnail ImagesLeadership
February 19, 2021

Connecting with Love

Leader VLOG #11! Welcome to Episode 11 of our Leadership VLOG series. In this episode, Saundra discusses leading from love. I want to talk about the marks of a leader. The marks of a leader include inspiring people, discipling people, and being an example for people. If you're going to be a leader in people's lives, then you need to…

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