About In Motion Ministries

In Motion Ministries is a gateway to the mission field providing education, training, and worldwide opportunities to minister God’s love. We will set you In Motion to fulfill the desires and talents God has placed in you.

In addition to mission trips we also have an extensive leadership program for those interested in becoming better leaders, a women’s empowerment ministry —You Are Worthy, and life coaching services.

Emotional Impact Statement

It is In Motion’s desire that everyone associated with IMM experience the intense emotion of connecting with God; whether this be while participating in an IMM ministry, serving as a volunteer, working on staff or any way we meet along our journey.

People deserve to be lead from a position of love and an ever-deepening realization of their value, dignity and worth because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. We want them to leave their contact with IMM having experienced God’s amazing love for them.  

June 14, 2021

In The Dirt

Summer. These are some of my favorite days. But this may not be for the reasons you would think. I actually dislike the heat and constant sunshine. I get overheated way to easily. My body is happier in 50 degree temperatures. In fact, if you asked me, I'd say fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I enjoy getting bundled…
Leader Vlog Cover Thumbnail ImagesLeadership
June 11, 2021

Actions are the Fruit, Not the Root: Leader VLOG #15

Leader VLOG #15! Welcome to Episode 15 of our Leadership VLOG series. In this episode, Seth presents some points for thought regarding belief, heart, and our relationship with God. Today I'm excited to share some stuff that has been burning in me! First and foremost, I believe the heart of the leader is what drives his or her leadership. So…
Leader Vlog Cover Thumbnail ImagesLeadership
May 27, 2021

Walk It Out: Leader VLOG #14

Leader VLOG #14! Welcome to Episode 14 of our Leadership VLOG series. In this episode, Saundra urges us to remember the value of walking out scriptural principles in leadership. Thus far we have been discussing the marks of a leader. We've discussed how this requires connecting with people at their hearts and empathizing, both emotionally and compassionately. I've already established…

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