Tears ran down the cheeks of the elderly Chinese pastor as our team member presented him with a study Bible. The interpreter informs us that this is the answer to a decade of prayer. Whose life did this impact the most: the pastor, the thousands of Christians that he was leading, or our team member?

The young Alaskan girl hops up and shouts “I do!!” when the skit presented in a city park ended with “Who wants to accept this Jesus as their friend?” Not only her life is now impacted forever, but so are these team members who had the privilege of bringing the truth of God’s love to her.

32 years, 6 continents, 49 countries and thousands of lives impacted. In Motion Ministries is not building an organization; we are building people.

It is IMM’s desire that everyone associated with IMM experience the intense emotion of connecting with God; whether this be a short-term missionary, a team leader, a Country Host, the local pastor, or a person we meet along our journey. People deserve to be lead from a position of love and an ever- deepening realization of their value, dignity and worth because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. We want them to leave their contact with IMM having experienced God’s amazing love for them.

At In Motion Ministries, our goal is to equip those who go on our trips or enter our leadership program with the ability to impact the world with God’s love in every sphere of life. We’re setting God’s heart in motion through feeding programs, service, education, evangelism, awareness and action against human trafficking. Our legacy is built of stories and experiences; thousands of hearts that have been touched through IMM’s trips and educational courses.

People from all walks of life, different backgrounds, cultures, and locations experience life changing moments as they work, share the Gospel, bring aid, and love those they meet on the mission field. Back home, the transformation that takes place in our own community is marked, as those who are given the opportunity to work together to create good are spurred into action.

We are building a family across borders and nations of people who are willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus; to bravely take action in their own lives to see His goodness transform every area of society. From the leper colonies in the remote hills of China, to the Red-Light District in Costa Rica, to the small villages of Madagascar, to the Native American reservations here in North America, we are seeing God’s love touch countless individuals. These people then turn around to impact their families, who then transform their neighborhoods, who then change their cities, nations, and the world.

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