When you give, I suspect you do so on purpose. I doubt that you give very often without intentionally choosing to give. You see an organization or an individual that you believe in, you believe in their cause and their work within that cause, and you want to participate.  

Over the past twenty-one years of engaging in missionary work, I have often found that people enjoy supporting Saundra and I or In Motion Ministries because they love the fact that they can play a part in sharing the Gospel around the world without needing to leave home. I get it! Travel, and all that missionary work requires, is not for everyone. They gave, and continue to give, so that we can go.

That is a beautiful thing! 


You may find, at times, that reasons not to give scream louder at you than reasons to give. I understand this and as we are asking you to consider IMM in your giving plans, you will find that at times there are legitimate reasons not to give.  

Let’s unpack a couple reasons you may choose not to give when opportunities arise: 


  1. Lack of Trust: How do you find joy in giving if you do not trust the organization or individual to whom you are giving? Sure, you may have reasons to look past this, but for the most part it is important that you trust those to whom you are giving. If you trust them, you will be much more likely to have joy in your giving. And you deserve to enjoy your giving!
  2. Pressure to Give: I remember as a young man sitting in a church service where they took three offerings. The first two were counted and it was not enough for what they were wanting to do, so they took a third offering. This left me feeling controlled, manipulated, and pressured to give. And it didn’t sit well with me! While I was happy to give to this church, I knew what was in my heart to give –to pressure me beyond that seemed unacceptable to me.  

As the Director of In Motion Ministries, I simply ask that you consider IMM in your giving plan. It is my hope that you feel you can trust us, and that you do not feel pressured to give beyond what is in your heart. It is also my hope that you can apply these two principles to any organization or individual to whom you might choose to give. As the Word calls us…

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” II Corinthians 9:7

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