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College Student Mission Trips

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Mission Trips for College Students

Campus Groups and Church College Ministries often come to In Motion asking for help with the logistics of international mission trips. Most trips are a bear to plan, especially for larger groups (have you checked in 22 people at 1am for a United flight?) and the leg work just isn’t desirable ontop of your day job.

In Motion loves to help with your college student mission trip because one of the most powerful forces there is, is a young person with a vision to extend help and hope to others. The passion that is present with college mission trips is unrivaled and we love to be down in the dirt with that kind of trip. College students often are easy to train and willing to learn- making them prime world-changers.

Spring Break Mission Trips

Mission trips during spring break for college students are an exciting and purposeful way to spend your spring break. Many college students are accustomed to traveling on spring break as many residence halls are closed and cafeteria services limited. These trips are hard to plan due to the quick schedule of events that needs to transpire during that week but are easily done here in the office.

Summer Break Mission Trips

Mission trips over the summer are usually a lot easier to scheduel since the time restraints aren’t quite as prevelant. Student schedules, however, are usually much harder to align as they are typically going back home to a full event list. College ministries in churches usually try to plan their trips during this time as to garuntee minimal overlap with school and study functions.

Winter Break Mission Trips

Over the winter break has been a popular option as the break tends to be long enough for a mission trip and to still get to see family. These college student mission trips tend to work best for groups with students from the same school so that the finals schedule and the return date in Janurary is consistent.

  • Work Projects – Building Homes in the U.S. to
  • Jungle Ministry – Helping those in Remote Places
  • Kid’s Ministry and VBS Styled Events for Children
  • Church Ministry and Teaching Opportunities
  • Youth Group Ministry for U.S. born Teenagers
Create 2020 Mission Trip
Create 2020 Mission Trip

Planning College Mission Trips

Mission Trips for young adults are often harder to plan than other groups. They aren’t teenages anymore who often have parents and youth leaders who need to create a mission trip that might be considered safer. And they aren’t older adults who can be accustomed to luxuries like sleeping in beds every night and hot showers.

College Studnets often have deep passions for what they want to do while serving in other countries. For group leaders, it is important for you to consider these passions for thier mission trip. Meanduring through a forest to a remote village isn’t too far off from what most college students expect but planning that is often a real struggle. How does a group leader like yourself find a remote village and then develop a course of action for getting to it and offering effective ministry?

In Motion has decades of expereience with these exact scenarios that make planning a college mission trip a pain for most group leaders. Our connections across the globe help us find effective ministry opportunities in some of the most amazing places.

It was very organized. I loved training and the dramas we learned. Treasure hunting was great and really brought us together. Beth is amazing ... Such a great trip with great leaders!

Anonymous, 2019Clemson University, FCA

This trip has been the highlight of my 'Charis Experience' and it has been so awesome to put the foundations of life and the Word into action and to minister healing Truth, and Holy Spirt power into others!

Adam M., 2019Portland Charis Bible College

This organization is amazing and provides details and plans that could never have happened without y'all connecting us to your people in Costa Rica. Providing us with the Sanchez's who then provided so many adventures, advice, and connections to our team was huge. The thing that impacted me the most was the jungle day because it showed us the struggles that other people groups have in getting to worship. The Sanchez family was amazing and I am incredibly grateful.

Cam, 2019Clemson University FCA

In Motion provided fantastic leadership for our Charis Bible College mission trip to Costa Rica; Cindy on the trip and Kenzie for training. I have been on a lot of mission trips but the focus and passion and structure provided by In Motion raised the students' experience to a whole new level. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Terry H., 2019Orlando Charis Bible College