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Picture of a short Term Mission Trip with a Young Adult and Children in Costa Rica
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Costa Rica

A Costa Rica mission trip will reveal a genuine and peaceful people, rich in culture and loving in nature. Depending on your trip, you may see anything from vast rainforest, simple lifestyles, and impoverished communities to a rapidly developing city with an urban culture andall that comes with.

Costa Rican people enjoy an especially stable government, considering the area. They have opportunities many Central Americans do not. As such, many Nicaraguans immigrate here.

In their churches they worship vigorously, but, just like anyone else, they need sincere reminders that God loves them unconditionally and the communities around them need the light of Christ. Embark on a Christian mission trip to Costa Rica.

Sign up for a short term mission trip Costa Rica and see how God works in your life! Four teams were sent to Costa Rica last year.

In Motion has two incredible hosts located here. They do all sorts of ministries through out the country. So, if you have specific types of ministry that you’d love to do, there is a good chance that Costa Rica would be the place to go to make that happen.

Our hosts are stellar and really put on a good mission trip as well as could use your help for their endeavors. Costa Rica is also a very cheap place to go to for a mission trip as flights are considerably less than say to Haiti or some places in Africa.

  • Work Projects – We’ve built Houses and Churches in Costa Rica
  • Jungle Ministry Helping those in Remote portions of the Country
  • Kid’s Ministry and VBS Styled Events for Villages
  • Women’s Ministry and Confrences
  • Church Ministry and Teaching Opportunities
  • Youth Group Ministry in Costa Rica for U.S. born Teenagers
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Meet Carlos and Risa, two Missionary Hosts in Costa Rica