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A mission trip to Montana will give you a taste of the modern Native American Indian culture and lifestyle. Montana’s tribes have a complicated and rich history. Many in these areas maintain closed hearts and minds, but many are also looking for value. They know life can consist of significance and meaning. By traveling to Montana with an open perspective and compassionate heart, you have the chance to inspire life in static places. You have a unique opportunity to love and show kindness in the midst of burdensome lives.

There is every reason to join a Montana mission trip. Help those in some of America’s toughest areas, the Indian Reservations. Take your short term mission trip to Montana and start the process now.

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Mission Trip Opportunities

Montana is one of our busiest locations. This is due to it being convenient to get to (being in the United States), lower price, dire need, and the fact that we have a really great host that does an incredible job with their ministry and In Motion teams.

If you have a group and are looking for an affordable mission trip, Montana is a great option and we are happy to talk with you about when we can make this happen.

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