Central America

Costa Rica

A mission trip to Costa Rica will reveal a genuine and peaceful people, rich in culture and loving in nature. It will also stretch you by showing you genuine need because of poverty and lack of Gospel Hope.
We have very strong host connections in this country and took the most trips to Costa Rica in 2019 than any other single country. There is an authentic need here and Costa Rica is often one of the best-priced mission trips that you can come by that is outside of the U.S.

  • Work Projects – We’ve built Houses and Churches in Costa Rica
  • Jungle Ministry Helping those in Remote portions of the Country
  • Kid’s Ministry and VBS Styled Events for Villages
  • Women’s Ministry and Confrences
  • Church Ministry and Teaching Opportunities
  • Youth Group Ministry in Costa Rica for U.S. born Teenagers
Costa Rica


Join a mission trip to Honduras! Honduras is home to an ancient Mesoamerican tradition mixed with Spanish culture. Although the country is similar to other Central American countries it, of course, has its own unique flare.

  • Community Ministry
  • Work Projects
  • Water Projects
  • Church Ministry
  • Street Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Drama/Puppets/Dance Ministry
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