IMM History

Founded in 1986

In 1986, Rich and Norma Dunn took their many years of experience in youth ministry and traveling groups and put it to a new test. In June of 1986 a team set off for the United Kingdom, and this forever changed the destiny of their lives. Visions World Outreach was born!

Incorporated in 1993

Steps were taken in 1993 to incorporate Visions World Outreach. From then on the organization has operated as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.

Leadership Transition

In 1996 a bold new step was made. Norma Dunn stepped down as Director of the Ministry and Seth Dunn (Rich and Norma’s son) took over leadership of the ministry. Seth and his wife, Saundra, were on the first mission trip organized by Visions World Outreach in 1986. They fell in love with short-term missions, and in January of 2000 they dedicated their lives completely to this work.

Seth and Saundra’s move into fulltime mission’s work in January of 2000 began a new era for this ministry. While our roots go back to 1986, much of what is seen today has developed since January of 2000. We thank God for calling us to this amazing work.

Name Change

In 1997 Visions World Outreach was renamed In Motion Ministries. The new name better describes the calling that has been placed on this ministry – “Setting People In Motion to Minister.”

Teams Sent to 40+ Nations

Since 1986 over a thousand team members have ministered to tens of thousands of people. Ever increasing numbers of nations have been touched by IMM short-term mission teams. To date we have been to the following countries at least once:

The United States, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Gibraltar, Italy, Morocco, Israel, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Australia, Belize, Portugal, China, Brazil, Guatemala, Fiji, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Nicaragua, Peru, Zambia, Panama and Paraguay. And the list continues to grow.

New Building

In January of 2009 In Motion Ministries moved into its very own office and missions training center. Our move took us from a 400 square foot office and the need to borrow church space for training, to our very own 3100 square foot facility. We thank God and the many people who helped us acquire this amazing tool.

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