CEO and President of In Motion Ministries

Teacher and Productions Consultant

Seth and Saundra Dunn

Seth began serving God through missions at the age of 15 while experiencing a short-term mission trip as a team member. Being a part of sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ with people in another country impacted his life deeply, setting the course for his career and calling: to provide others with this same opportunity. In the years that have followed, Seth has led 55 short-term mission teams to 24 different countries, giving hundreds of people the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others. Seth aims to teach everyone on the teams that he leads to share the gospel, bring humanitarian aid, and invest their time, talents, energy, and hard work into the lives and ministries of full-time missionaries living abroad. He also is a visionary, encourager, teacher and example to the staff at In Motion Ministries. Seth is a graduate of Rhema Bible College, earned a B.A. degree from Impact International School of Ministry and is an ordained minister.

Saundra fills a vital role on staff at in motion ministries. She finds joy in meeting new people, working on a close relational level, counseling and teaching short-term missions team leaders and members in several areas of ministry. She brings great skill and creativity to the Productions Department, training those who will be changing lives as they serve God on the mission field to perform and minister with a high standard of quality. Saundra teaches many of the spiritual courses that are given at In Motion Training Sessions; she brings the grace, mercy, and love of Christ as she pours into people. Saundra is a graduate of Rhema Bible College and is a Certified Health Coach. She is an ordained minister.

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