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Join us in Northern Colorado for a Leadership Training weekend. No matter your leadership context, this training is designed to help you take the next step. Register now or contact us with any questions!


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In Motion Ministries began training leaders in the 1990’s for the challenging job of leading short-term mission trips to international locations. Having trained leaders for thousands of short-term mission trips, we have found that our training applies not only to short-term mission trips, but to life, business, and other forms of ministry.

Leadership is asked of many of us. Whether it be in our families, with our friends, in ministry, or business –there are some common factors that foster quality leadership. Join IMM in exploring and equipping people for great things!


Leadership Training for Your Context

We come from all sorts of situations and backgrounds, but we can huddle around the same passion: leading the way God designed --no matter where that may be!

No Rush, No Pressure

Learning to lead well is a process. We will not rush you to wherever you feel God may be guiding you. So no matter your starting point, we invite you to take the next step on your journey of leading well.

Training Events by Experienced Leaders

Attending an IMLT (In Motion Leadership Training) will help you understand what it is all about to be a leader in multiple areas of life, in the God designed you for. You will meet a number of leaders who will share their passion and experience with you.
IMLT Training Whiteboard Session for mission trip training


October 15-17, 2021
January 14-16, 2022

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    Hearing God’s Voice in Colombia

    This summer I was privileged once again to travel to Colombia with a mission team. We were attending a Supernatural School of Missions Intensive and one of the sessions was teaching how to hear the voice of God, especially in a ministry setting while you are praying for someone. During the activation part of the exercise, we were placed back-to-back…
    Vicki Brawner
    August 14, 2023

    Good — Really?

    Over the past several months I have spent time contemplating and studying the goodness of God. It began with a simple look at Jesus as the Good Shepherd and grew into a deep well of pondering what "good" really means. This is certainly not a new concept for me, but what has struck me along the way is how much…
    Seth Dunn
    June 5, 2023
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    Emotions are The Pits!

    Did I get your attention? I really do not believe that emotions are the pits, but I do want to discuss their benefits and challenges. Emotions are a volatile subject for many different reasons. You have the difference between men and women, the differences between personalities and a variety of emotional health issues, just to name a few. Today I…
    Seth Dunn
    January 23, 2023
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