Missions Trip Training for Leaders

For the Mission Field and Life

In Motion provides a leadership program in mission trip training for those interested in leading mission teams or those interested in becoming better leaders in everyday life.

Join a training event in Greeley, Colorado at one of our training dates. Register now or contact us about more of the nitty gritty details you are wondering about.

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In Motion sends out dozens of trips of various sorts every year. Each trip, whether with our strategic partners or planned by us, has an IMM Certified Leader that ensures the quality and effectiveness of the trip. As such, In Motion provides leadership training for those interested in leading mission teams or those interested in becoming better leaders in everyday situations.

We are blessed with an amazing team of volunteers who lead our mission teams to the world. Currently our Certified Team Leaders come from six different states. They are highly qualified, and their training is thorough because, ultimately, they are the key to providing a successful and impactful mission for the team members.


Leadership Training for Your Context

The leaders that make up the Certified Leader program come from all sorts of situations and backgrounds. But they huddle around the same passion; taking teams on life-changing mission trips and leading in our personal contexts.

No Rushes, No Pressure

Qualifying as a Certified Team Leader with IMM is a process. We will not rush you through making you uncomfortable with the responsibility. You will feel equipped and prepared before you go to lead a team.

Training Events by Experienced Leaders

Attending an IMLT (In Motion Leadership Training) will help you understand what it is all about to be an IMM Team Leader. You will meet a number of Certified Leaders who will share their passion with you. The upcoming schedule is posted below.
In Motion Ministries mission trips - build a mission trip for a group or join one as an individual


If you are passionate about taking the message of God’s amazing love to a hurting world, you could be the next IMM Certified Team Leader!

If you’re interested in leading mission teams or becoming a better leader, In Motion Leadership Training (IMLT) might be for you!

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Next IMLT (Leadership Training) is on January 17th-19th, 2020.

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IMLT Training Whiteboard Session for mission trip training
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