“Is this all there is?” 

I often hear this question from women who are pausing from their busy lives to look up for a second. They seem to be running hard, doing all the things, keeping it all together, and for some unexplained reason are pausing to take a breath…and outcomes this anxiety-filled question. 

The look of disappointment, unmet expectations, and frustration breaks my heart over and over and over.  

“I did what I was supposed to do. Got the education, the husband, the job, had the kids, got the house, and now…what?! Why does it feel so empty?” 

Living Someone Else’s Life 

Once upon a time, we were all told the way to success was to do all the things right, in the best order, try-hard, then try harder, be diligent, be wise, work, work, work, and cover it all in prayer and then…Viola! You will have arrived. 

Arrived where?
  • Financial success 
  • A healthy loving marriage 
  • A well brought up family 
  • Purposeful employment 
  • A retirement where you can do as you please for the rest of your life.

Really? Why has this picture been painted as the gold star that we are all killing ourselves to receive? For most of us, in the frantic race to achieve all these things, we experience battle wounds, brokenness, disappointment and not the Cinderella ‘happily ever after’ ending.

Did we buy into the lie, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!”?

John 10:10 “…I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.” (Jesus speaking)

When I heard my own unsatisfied soul cry out that there really must be more…I heard Him whisper these words.

Life in all its fullness? Isn’t that what every human craves? He came to give us that? Then where did I go wrong?

In His gentleness, Jesus invited me on a journey to discover just what that fullness of life really means. It has turned into an exciting journey of finding out my true identity, my true God-given purpose, and filling the emptiness.

As I discussed this with my friend and workout partner at the gym in the mornings, we discovered she, too, was asking these deep-seated questions and wanting to hear from her Creator. Marci and I began to study together, share our hearts, hear from Him, and listen to all those around us that were asking the same thing.

And so…You Are Worthy was born – where we believe every woman is worthy and has a unique purpose. Where you can discover your divine design, and that –through Christ– you are enough.

There are 3 things all humans need:

Acceptance, Significance, and Security. All of these are ours in the gift Jesus gave us when He took our old lives and exchanged them for His – His fulfilled life.

How do we step into that life? That oh so satisfying space of identity, value, and purpose?

We must first understand, know, and then believe what He says about us. From that belief, we can accept what He has done and who He says we are, then we can do what He made us to do. 

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling, there is no flaw in you.” Song of Songs 4:7

“You have crowned me with love and mercy.” Psalm 103:4

You are beautiful, crowned Princess of the King, unique in your design and function – only you can be you. The world needs you!

Beloved, you are enough. --God

You Are Worthy uniquely connects women to the purpose God has for their lives, by helping them to discover their value and design, so they can fulfill the giftings and callings on their lives, making the world a better place – bringing life wherever they go!

How exciting to watch that moment when the Lord speaks truth into a heart, they hear His voice, specific and personal to them, and suddenly life appears on their face in the form of awe and wonder! We have witnessed over and over again as Holy Spirit does His “thing” and reaches deep into a soul and makes Himself known – bringing hope, healing, and purpose. He is no respecter of persons – He desires each one of us to walk in the truth of who we really are.

We welcome women to the You Are Worthy Community, where we share, support, and do life together.



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