Around the IMM office farm talk is not uncommon. This is largely because the majority of people who are or who have been involved at IMM grew up farming, around farming, or hearing about farming! Agriculture is a part of our heritage around here. So, as is the case in any farming community, it leeks into our language, our perspectives on life, and –in turn– how we live our lives.

One of the major ways I have seen this shape my life is the concept of seasonal living. Seasonality is ingrained in farming, particularly in our climate in Colorado, where winter is VERY different from harvest time. But seasonality is also so much more than that. You yourself are familiar with the concept of seasons in your own life, I’m sure.

Our lives as humans are seasonal.

Some seasons require us to bust our bums every day. Some seasons necessitate slowing down and recuperating. And some seasons land somewhere in between.

All of these can be equally difficult or equally comfortable. Seasons will always go on as they do for “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9). This we cannot change.

However, as the seasons go, so you are equipped to respond.

You are equipped to engage with the season you are in and let that season be what it is.

Too often we attempt to make every season busy and full, because we think doing so will please people, get us success, or make us look good. Perhaps you struggle with this. Or perhaps you are struggling with the other side of things and you need to put in more work or better work.

Attempting to live seasonally has truly changed my life. Rather than being blown about by the seeming demands of my world, I am choosing to try and be intentional. I am choosing to pay attention to the season I am in and respond accordingly.

You may feel stuck. The truth is, you are not stuck. You have choices. You have wisdom. All you need is but to ask. Your Father is faithful, present, and active with/in you (I Pet. 2:9-10). He is ready to help you engage with the season you are in.

Here’s to living seasonally.

Grace and peace to you as you go on your way.

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