A mission trip to Mexico will take you to a people who live wholeheartedly. Much of Mexican culture endeavors to embrace the fun of life while still working hard, even if living conditions are not ideal. Mexico comprises a large variety of cultures per region. Depending on your trip, you could experience the coastal, mountain, or desert life of Mexico. Each region maintains its own unique culture and each experiences its own difficulties. Take the time to experience a different kind of life. Whether your trip is ministry focused or work/service focused, you can be a blessing and a light to the people of Mexico. Be the change in Mexico. Apply today.

Your Mexico mission trips are all about transforming lives. Make your short term mission trips to Mexico your unique way of glorifying His name.

  • Work Projects
  • Kids Ministry
  • Rural Village Ministry
  • Urban Ministry
  • Feeding Projects
  • Medical and Dental Clinic Projects
  • Dance/Drama/Music/Puppet Ministry
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