One of my favorite destinations!

As a short-term mission trip leader, I try not to pick favorite places to serve, but see the beauty and value in each location and each people group served. So, I will choose my words wisely here!

If you love serving needy people who are quiet, proud, and deeply relational surrounded by a mystical location brimming with cool breezes, wide rivers, vast mountains, and an untouched wilderness, you want to serve on a short mission trip to Alaska. This location is a juxtaposition of awesome and lonesome, freedom and imprisonment, love and disdain.

Truthfully, isolation changes a person. For some it’s freeing and powerful; for others its stifling and a dead end.

Jesus says “Go” to everyone, “and tell them the GOOD News about what I did for them.”

Alaskan’s need to hear some good news that is not fleeting like the sun when winter takes it from the sky for months at a time.

For many, this Good News is a new revelation of what they innately feel and believe but can’t grasp from the natural world. For others it is freedom from pain, self-loathing, and regret.

For me – it’s a chance to share delivery from isolation and loneliness. I understand feeling abandoned, lonely and rejected. I truly believed in the Good News Gospel only after I heard that Jesus pursues me and wants me today, just as I am. I didn’t know He wanted to be my brother, my friend and my lover. I just didn’t want to end up in hell, so I jumped in God’s wagon! Now I know that I am loved, pursued, valued…wanted! And not by a person who will eventually let me down and hurt me, but by the One who never goes back on His promises! The only One any of us can count on. This is the message Alaskan’s need to hear.

Have you felt unloved, worthless? Have you tried to drown your pain in ways that sent you down a destructive path? If you have “been there, done that,” you have a story to tell and a reason to share what the Lord has done for you. Are you the one Jesus is calling to go to Alaska and share this Good News?

I believe everyone needs to know there is hope and it is found in Jesus. I found Him through my pain. You may have found Him that way too. Many people around the world need to hear our stories of triumph over pain through Jesus. They need to see it’s possible to know and experience true love. We all want to belong and be loved. It’s a driving force in me to give people the opportunity to know this wonderful Jesus! People are worth whatever it takes for me to get there and tell them. Is it worth it to you?

Written by Cindy Lundy
Alaska Mission Trip

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  • Kimberly says:

    Wow. Got me in tears. I’m so thankful God got me out of the loneliness ditch where I thought God had sidelined me to teach me something. Loneliness “steals, kills and destroys,” and whatever it’s source, it is never from God.

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