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The Value of a Bible

What value do you place on your Bible? As a believer, I suspect you find that question easy to answer in that you would quickly say you have great value for your Bible. However, what if owning a Bible meant putting your life at risk, either as a prison sentence or even death? Would this change the value you have for your Bible? I suspect it would, but how would you or I really know how it would affect us?

Many of you have followed IMM for years now, and you are aware that we have been sending short-term mission teams to China and other southeast Asian countries for quite some time. Recently we have been purchasing Bibles for believers in some of these countries through ministries that are already there on the field. What a joy it has been to be involved in this form of ministry and watch many lives touched in deep and powerful ways as we have made Bibles available to them.

Just recently we purchased another 1500 Bibles! These Bibles will be in the hands of believers in the next few weeks. I wish I could share more details, but for security reasons I can only share so much. This particular opportunity comes with many James Bond-like details and could only take place because of the faithful service of believers in Jesus in some very challenged situations. And yet, in the midst of difficulty that is beyond what most of us cannot even begin to comprehend, the Gospel is prospering in people’s lives. Even though I cannot give you more details, please rejoice with me that the Good News is being preached and Bibles are being delivered in environments where the governments work diligently to keep it from happening.

I invite you to join me by giving to IMM’s One Initiative. 100% of your donation goes directly to the purchase and sending of Bibles to China. You will be the one to provide a Bible to a believer who is unable to obtain one in any other way.

Your value for the Bible will be evident!!

Donate - Bibles for China

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