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Explore The Ignite Project 2019 through In Motion Ministries

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Are you interested in serving God through ministry and missions, but don’t know how to get started? Christian short mission trip organizations like In Motion Ministries offer you the opportunity to go further and grow deeper in your spiritual journey. The challenging experiences we provide can help propel you into the destiny God has in store for you. Get started with The Ignite Project!

The Ignite Project is In Motion Ministries’ month-long missions training intensive for passionate believers. It’s hosted at our headquarters in Northern Colorado and uses training exercises, classes, and hands-on ministry activation to get you ready for your first mission. You’ll start with a wilderness retreat in the Rocky Mountains and finish with a week-long mission trip in Costa Rica to put all of your training to use. We offer the best training available from short-term mission organizations to give you the experience of a lifetime. 

What You Gain From the Experience

You will leave our Christian short-term mission training program with “Leader in Training” status and a certificate of completion with In Motion Ministries. As an LIT, you’ll enjoy lower mission trip costs and be a part of our IMM Leader Family.  You’ll gain access to missions and ministry resources and further training for as long as you remain an LIT or become an IMM Certified Leader.

In addition, you will find new ways to experience God’s love. While bringing His word to others, we strive to understand His true character and live our lives in His likeness. The Ignite Project can help you expand your capacity for love as you lead and serve, embrace your true identity, and bring change to the world through the power of Jesus. It will teach you the qualities of healthy leadership and ministry, as well as flexibility in adverse situations. You will practice in an environment where it’s safe to take risks and grow as a Christian individual while living from a scriptural foundation. You will also build relationships that last a lifetime.

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Price of The Ignite Project and What’s Included

The total cost for this program is $3,599, which may sound like a lot, but think of what you get for the money. You’ll receive housing, meals, a wilderness retreat in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, as well as class materials, lectures, and hands-on training. It also includes a one-week mission trip to Costa Rica including transportation, flights, food, housing, and ministry expenses. Not to mention the amazing transformative experience that occurs when you spread the word of God’s love.

Over the past 20 centuries, Christians have announced around 1,500 global plans to evangelize around the world, but many have failed. You can help change that. If you’ve been researching short-term mission organizations, but don’t know if you’re ready to participate, the Ignite training program can help prepare you. We’d love to have you as part of In Motion Ministries 2019 Ignite family. If you have questions, email or call us for more information.

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