Are you ready to fund that mission trip you said “YES!” to? 

Are you still hoping to say “YES!”, but are worried about the money it will take to do it? 

Let’s put your fears to rest and get you on the way to that exciting adventure … you can say a loud “YES!” today!! 

One of the amazing things about our loving Father is that He does not call the equipped – He equips the called! And yes. That means you. You are called.  

Mark 16:15 says, “Go into all the world, and preach the gospel (the good, good news) to every creature…” 

Notice, it didn’t say, “Some of you are called to go to all the world…”  

Nor did it say, “Only if you have the ability to write a check for the cost of your trip, sign up to go into all the world…” 

Yes. You have been called. Those words in Mark are written to you. And the beauty of it all is that you are the hands and feet of Jesus and have a unique purpose in reaching the specific ones He has called you to.  

And money should not stop you from answering that call! He equips the called – even with the money to do things He is asking us to do!  

So – maybe you are not able to just write a check today, and the cost of that trip is a little daunting. We at In Motion Ministries have seen countless people say “YES!” to a mission trip, raise their money, and fulfill the dream and adventure of sharing the love of Jesus with many, many people around the world.  

There are so many ways to fund your trip – here are a few of them:  

  • One of the best ways to get started is to share your heart with your closest community – your family, your friends, your circle of influence. Your people want to be a part of what makes you excited, and they really do want to help you. They are your best financial partners for this trip. It may be scary, intimidating, and out of your comfort zone to see yourself telling everyone what you are doing. But, truly, they want to know. If you will share openly and honestly about your desire to go on this trip, what you are excited to do and see, how you hope to serve, the people you want to reach – your community will want to help you do that. The key is not to start out just asking for funds. People are a little “funny” about their money, and when approached with a request for sponsorship, they may tend to turn you down right away. Give them a chance to first hear your heart – paint the picture for them so they can agree with you. Let them partner with you in the vision to reach out – that way they are also having a part in it by “sending” you.  
  • Start a “gofundme” account. You can sign up for this amazing free fundraising service and share your story with your social media community. Go to to get the details. 
  • Food is always a good way to raise money – this is essential that everyone needs (daily!), and we all have to pay for it somehow. If you serve and sell food, you can raise funds while raising awareness of the cause you have been called to. In order to keep things healthy for people, partner with your church or organization to prepare the food in a health-department approved facility. Whatever food you decide to sell, make sure to share your story and where and why you are going – this makes people want to help you get there – and we all gotta eat, so everyone is happy! Food selling ideas:
    • Pancake Breakfast 
    • Chili Supper 
    • Baked Potato Bar 
    • Take-and-Bake pizzas – you can pre-sell and take orders, then assemble the pizzas and have them ready for people to pick up at a specific time and place  
    • Holiday Pies 
    • Something that is special to your locality: Krautburgers, Walking Tacos, Chicago Dogs, etc. 
    • Spaghetti dinner
  • Go talk to your local restaurants about what you are doing and see if they will sponsor a “Send Tim to Africa” day. You can print up fliers that tell where and why you are going, then pass them out to your friends, family, and community, inviting everyone to eat at that restaurant on a specific day, and the restaurant will contribute a percentage of their profits to your trip. If your town has a locally owned restaurant, ask them to partner with you in this endeavor – it provides great advertising and support for their business! Some chain restaurants that have done this are: 
      • Arby’s
      • Chick-fil-a
      • Cafe Mexicali 
  • Garage sales – ask people to donate gently used items and hold a large rummage sale in the parking lot of your church, advertise well, and share your story during the event and with posters and fliers.  
  • Car wash – ask a local business that has space and access to water if you can host a car wash on their property. They can benefit from people coming to their businesses to shop while their car is being cleaned. You can either offer the service for free, and request donations of any amount, telling your story of course, or you can set a price per car. We have seen it done both ways and be successful! 
  • Crafts – do you know how to make jewelry, paint pictures, draw portraits? People pay for art of all kinds, and they truly love to support artists. Set up a booth in your local fair, sell online via Facebook or Instagram, or at a garage sale.  
  • Do you play an instrument or sing? Find out the laws in your town; many towns allow you to “busk” on the streets – open up your guitar case, play and sing for the shoppers and passersby, and watch as they place money in your case! Again, tell your story! 

You will find that people really do have a heart to give if given an opportunity that touches their hearts as well. This can turn into the beginning of your ministry for your trip and you haven’t even left yet! You will have “divine appointments” with people as you tell them of the love you have for Jesus, and for serving Him on the mission field. You may have people asking you for prayer for a persona

l need, you may have “gospel conversations,” or the best part – many will be touched by the love you display even as you are raising funds!  

First, ask the Lord to give you good ideas that will work in your locality and with your particular communitySecond, ask Him to bring the supporters that will play a big part in sending you to the nations. And finally, ask Him to multiply the funds just as He did when Jesus fed the 5,000! (Matthew 14:13-21) 

You are not going alone – you are taking all those who participate financially in sending you – and everyone likes to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Let this encouragement dispel the fear around fundraising and confidently get your story ready – share it with passion –, and watch your community send you on that mission trip!!! 

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