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Conflict Resolution

People will always perceive conflict in different ways. Some avoid it at all costs while other seemingly do things to create it! Some see conflict as healthy; others never see anything good about it. This I do know: see it as you may, conflict does occur on mission trips. As a leader it’s not a matter of will we need to…
Seth Dunn
May 2, 2019

A Lesson in Leadership

A couple of years ago, I was leading a team to Haiti for Convoy of Hope (a Missouri-based ministry we often partner with). This was a youth group from Michigan, with mostly teenagers, and a few adult chaperones. As is normal in Haiti, we were to work at an orphanage for the week, doing construction work in the hot sun.…
Vicki Brawner
April 17, 2019

Jesus is the greatest leader of all time. His example teaches us that to be the greatest, we must become the least. We lead by serving. Do you want to have this sort of vision and develop your leadership skills? To lead like Jesus exemplified?

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