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Servant Leader Mission Trip Groups

SLM is committed to changing hearts and lives with everything we do. What you will find on your Servant Leader Mission Trip are key things that ensure that this happens.

Custom Mission Trips

Unique experiences on the mission field

Pre-Mission Trip Training

Prepared and rearing to go, your 1st or 10th time

In-Country Hosts

Experienced missionary hosts around the globe

Heart Engaging Trip

Aware enough of the spiritual impact of mission trips

What do you do to train the Team before the Mission Trip?

All Servant Leader mission trips begin with Pre-Mission Trip Training. Pre-Mission Trip Training is normally 2 to 3 days in length, depending on the mission trip ideas you will be deciding on for your mission experience. The training goes over programs that you will have in your toolbox— time for crafting testimonies, bonding with other team members, and preparing useful ministry outlets for you to minister on your trip.

Pre-Mission Trip Training takes place just before you depart to your country of destination. The training time is always an appreciated aspect of the trip as many people realize that they would not have felt comfortable doing ministry without learning dramas, special music, VBS material, preparing sermons/bible studies, and so on.

What is a Mission Trip Debrief?

Every Servant Leader Mission Adventure ends with a day of debriefing. You have had an amazing time as God used you on the mission field, so it is now time to go home, and SLM wants to help you integrate your experiences into your daily life. It is easy to come home and be speechless for a few days and that may be part of your process. The end of trip debriefing process helps you come to terms with what just happened to you and helps you translate it to the people in your normal routines.

In addition to having an emotional and spiritual debrief every Servant Leader mission adventure includes some much earned R&R. The rigors of missionary work, the rich culture you are working within, and the great opportunities that all countries afford, all demand that you decompress from all that emotional stress. Whether it is a physical challenge or picking up sweet tokens and souvenirs, this helps you process the experience you’ve just had.

What does In Motion do after the mission trip?

Returning home, as a changed person, can be the most difficult part of your mission adventure. You are leaving team members that you have grown close to and that you have shared an experience that no one else will be able to understand. You are leaving new friends and a nation that has deeply touched your heart.

The biggest thing that we can help you with is through the time of debriefing. You will be given a lot of advice and counsel to help you assimilate your new experience into old life, established routines, and relationships at home. Servant Leader Missions will follow up in a couple of ways with you after you arrive home. Our hearts desire for you is that you will maintain your passion for missions throughout your life.

We send you a letter, 3 months after you return, that you wrote yourself in-country. This is often a great reminder about your mission trip and helps you refocus after readjusting to normal life.

What are custom mission trip groups?

A custom mission trip group is one that considers ideal locations, ministry opportunities, date, ministry experience, and host/team pairing for that particular mission team. Many great short term mission organizations have a single or handful of locations that they travel to and the ministry is fairly routine (i.e. doesn’t change much trip to trip). These trips are great and often help established missions related to the individual organization.

Custom mission trips are much less cookie-cutter in that they allow your group to be who they are and stretch them in ways that they need it. We plan custom trips for groups for a few reasons. We have been blessed to connect with many great hosts all over the world which lets us help these hosts with like-minded mission teams. Secondly, we love to see the impact that different teams have with perfectly catered mission experiences. Each host can show a mission team something life-changing, we just figure out how that will work.

Who are the hosts you send mission trip teams to?

Servant Leader Missions has been planning custom mission trips for a long time, and as such, we have made many great partnerships and friends along the way. Just like any other reputable organization who does a good job at what they do, we have developed key relationships with missionaries all over the world.

These missionaries are all very different in their ministries but all of them both want mission teams to come in and help their ministry and want to see the mission team transformed through a new experience in their country.

Group Missions Experience

Servant Leader Missions has created, administrated, and lead over 50 trips all over the world. From trips to U.S. states to 20 hour plain rides away, we have had the privilege of leading thousands of team members on life-changing mission trips.

Start to Finish Planning

Servant Leader Missions plans every aspect of the trip with you. International airfare for 15? No problem. In country meals, travel, lodging, and activities? Done that too. From finding a compatable host to making sure you are well fed, we focus on the details so you can prepare your hearts. We also send an experienced Certified Leader on your trip to make sure things go smoothly.

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