Reach Every Country

Be on Mission to the Nations

In Motion has seen tons of countries and frequents many every year

How many countries are on your list? Here’s a few of our favorite places of the 50+ we’ve had the privilege of traveling to:

  • Costa Rica – We can send 4-8 trips a year to missionary hosts here
  • United Kingdom – This was our first international trip ever, and we still send teams to the hosts we met on that trip
  • Italy – Not only an incredible cultural and historic location, Italy currently hosts many refugee and immigrant communities in need of assistance
  • Native American Groups – Our Domestic Trips to Montana and Alaska show you the need within these communities
  • Philippines – In Motion participates in a Water Project here and raises support for it
  • China – We’ve taken several trips here but also raise support for getting Bibles into the mainland
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Children singing on a Christian Mission Trip
Spain and Portugal Mission Trips
Picture of Honduras Forest scape from above with a winding dirt road
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Have Bold Dreams and Awesome Memories?

Share with us your previous mission trip journeys and what you’ve been able to be a part of. Post pictures and tag @inmotionministries so we can see where you have been.

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