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A mission trip to Alaska will take you to places of awe as you experience rugged natural surroundings and completely unique types of people groups. Depending on your trip, you might experience the extremes of tribal life in rural Alaska, small-town Alaskan living, or the more urban culture of Alaska’s capital city, Anchorage.

Due to its location, Alaska is isolated in varying degrees from the rest of civilization. Alaskan people respect their natural environment and its harsh conditions, and this plays a significant role in their daily lives and attitudes. You can be a light and encouragement to these people. Help spread God’s unending love in Alaska, USA. Join a work project, VBS, or other mission trip to the Last Frontier.

Your Alaska mission trip is the perfect opportunity to reach out to people and let His love be known.

  • Work Projects
  • Urban Ministry
  • Kids Ministry
  • Rural Village Ministry
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Alaska Mission Trips

Alaska has one of our really great hosts that we take a lot of trips to. There is an Indian Reservation there that we often minister to that is beyond phenomenal to minister to. These trips have lots of ministry outlets like VBSs, women’s outreaches, adult ministry, construction and handyman services, plus lots of other opportunities.

Please inquire about this sort of trip if you are interested as this is an easy trip for you to get started for your group and it will make a huge difference.

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