Mission Trip Ideas

I personally have loved being on this trip. It has been a very humbling experience for me. It has shown me how to love and how to move like Christ and I think that is exactly what I needed in my life.

ElizabethCO, USA Mission Trip 2018
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Children’s Ministry

  • Vacation Bible School Events
  • Puppets to Drama or Music
  • Crafts with
  • Children’s Worship Music and Dancing
  • Interactive Games
  • Bible Stories
  • Skits and Dramas
  • Caring for Kids in Orphanages
  • Children’s Feeding Programs

Service Projects

Church Ministry

  • Attend or participate in church service
  • Lead Worship
  • Teaching Time or Preaching (With Translator)
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Sunday school

Please Keep in mind – a custom short-term mission trip provided by In Motion Ministries will be built around your team’s talents and the needs of the missionary you will serve.

Sports Ministry

  • Large Group Games
  • Team Building Activities
  • Field Games
  • Water Games
  • Tournaments
  • Sports Training

Prayer Ministry

  • Prayer Walks (Treasure Hunts)
  • Prayer Gatherings and Meetings
  • Leading In-Service Prayer Times
  • Home-to-Home Prayer Ministry with Locals


  • Hand out Bibles and Tracts
  • Door-to-Door Evangelism
  • Street Evangelism
  • Sharing the Gospel through DVD
  • Community Events

Youth Ministry

  • Lead Evening Youth Gatherings and Provide Teaching
  • Lead Worship with Teenage Team
  • Fellowship with Local Teens

Adult Ministry

  • Parenting classes
  • Bible Studies
  • Topical Studies
  • Leadership Training

Other Ministry

  • Sanitation Education
  • Drama Ministry on Streets
  • Music Ministry in Streets or Churches
  • Speaking
  • Balloon Art