As is the case with every New Year, there usually sits in front of us so many new possibilities for the coming year. It has always been a time of reflection and looking back on what has happened. This is a healthy trait for people to audit what has happened to them over the year. And with that reflection, it is second nature to start planning an Act 2. Reflection upon up a dreaming process for us.

Maybe we hit pain points in 2019. Maybe we grew a whole lot or strengthened friendships. Being an organization with the aim of creating moments of extreme, positive emotion for people that lead to life change, we run into these same audits of performance, impact, and dreams for the future.

In Motion has committed itself to bringing clean water to disadvantaged people in various parts of the world. This is a Christ-centered water project that saves lives and brings people to a position to hear the gospel.

In Motion has committed itself to bring clean water to disadvantaged people in various parts of the world. This is a Christ-centered water project that saves lives and brings people to a position to hear the Gospel.

Broadening the Path with Clean Water Projects

In late 2019, In Motion decided to broaden some paths that we have commonly tread. Mission trips have always played a key role in what we do. We can easily say that the mission trip experience is one of the most unique opportunities for a team member to go on that opens up their eyes to the depths of spiritual growth that are available to them. And we still believe that. In addition to mission trips, we have seen that there might be just as powerful ways of seeing the transformation that doesn’t require $3,000 and 11 days to commit to.

Mission trips are very niche in that only a portion of Christians are truly engaged and on-board with them. There are plenty of reasons, and we don’t need to go into that right now, but there are things about a clean water project that just are inviting more people.

With this sort of exciting addition, we had to make sure that we weren’t just adding clean water projects onto our list of ‘Organizational Objectives’ without really thinking about if they fit within who we are as an organization and community.

Clean Water Mission Projects and Their Emotional Impact

Much of what you might hear about water projects is their insane impact of people who receive clean water resources. The visuals are poignant, the emotion is a deep well, the compassion is real and tangible. But, what does it do for the people who are connected with In Motion? If you’ve gone on a mission trip or support In Motion because you believe in the change that can happen in people’s lives (from leadership events to mission trips for team members) this new addition might not fit into your current boxes. But, we admit happily, that your connection with In Motion in the vein of these water projects has an awesome potential to shape your life for the better.

We have seen people light up in conversations with us about adding these projects. The way that an average person (not all of us mission trip junkies! ha) talks about water projects is so much different than the way that same person would likely talk about mission trips. The interesting thing is that water projects aren’t even all that different from mission trips; at least how In Motion tries to do both. The In Motion way has been that we pick solid hosts that are doing good work with their mission and we support them with friendship, mission teams, and sometimes supplies.

Same Model, More Impacta Clean Water Project Logo for In Motion Ministries

That same model is how In Motion will operate with clean water. We connect with solid hosts and develope a relationship and engage our resources to support them. We raise money for their water projects and we have the ability to send mission teams to install them. Very much similar to what we have been doing all along.

We are excited to be involved with this as an organization but also have seen our broader network lean in toward this. Likewise, for you, giving is easy and is one of the ways where you get to make a tangible difference in the coming months.

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