2020 Short Term Mission Trips

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Name a Country and lets take short term mission trips there!

We are going to 3 countries with 6 trips (more are liable to come in after the holidays) and one domestic trip. France (2) and Costa Rica (3) are the hot spots so far.

It’s a fun part of the missions’ season

We have been in talks with many great individuals representing some very solid groups about the 2020 Missions’ season. This planning phase is always a bit chaotic but very much a blessing. We have calls going out every day to group leaders, people interested in mission trips, in-country hosts and our Certified Team Leaders.

Short Term Mission Trips are so fun to put together when done stress-free. For many people we have run across, planning a custom mission trip is hard because that isn’t the only thing most leaders are doing. Work, ministry, family time, and somehow they plan an out-of-country trip for 14 after 10 pm 3 nights a week! We are privileged to be able to see all the up-side of creating these trips. Obviously, that is because of the fact that this is our 9-to-5.

Starting out 2020 Short Term Mission Trips

Starting out the year we have a mission to France with Clemson Universities’ FCA. We are taking ~20 students and couldn’t be more excited about this annual Christmas-break trip for them.

You Are Worthy is going strong into this next year and has planned a women’s only trip to Montana in early summer. They will be visiting the Cheyanne Indian Reservation to do women’s ministry and empowering those locals to live with proper identity. Let us know if you want to join this open trip.

short term mission trips with clean water projects

Introducing our clean water project.

We have a trip to Costa Rica that has been dubbed the ‘We Believe’ trip and is being led up by our very own Certified Leader, Andre Bullock out of Chicago. This will be an open trip so if you are interested, scroll to the bottom of this page and call the phone number that is listed.

Another exciting short term mission trip update in the work is that we are trying to work on some trips that include water projects. In Motion just launched the Water Project last Fall and we are already trying to send a mission team out in 2020. We are looking for potential groups (10+) to go and we are also fundraising to supply a team with the required water filters. We need 60 and at $300 apiece we are excited to raise funds for this. If you are too, give here.

We are also in the works by talking to groups about more domestic trips (continental U.S.). There are lots of ministry opportunities but also construction type trips that would be very doable within the states and for a good price.

It’s early in the season so we expect to have more trips going out and updates announced in the coming months. We are excited that you choose to support In Motion with your attention and prayers.

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