Last month Kenzie wrote her thoughts about seasonal living. If you did not read it, it’s worth going back to see (or reread it)! I want to share with you how her words encouraged me.

I have been keenly aware recently how much our lives are lived in ‘seasons.’ As a child it took forever for that next birthday or Christmas to come back around, then one day you had completed your schooling/training and were beginning a career. Perhaps marriage and family seemed to fill every minute of your day in your next season. For some, adult children, grandchildren and caring for elderly parents comes next. I, personally, am now in a season that many never have the blessing to experience — it is called senior citizenship!

Yes, this is a blessing; but I am going to be bluntly honest with you here. This is without a doubt the most difficult season I have stepped into.

What do you mean I can’t do that anymore? My mind has a lot of ideas and things that I want to do and places that I want to go, but my body says hold on a minute! This physical adjustment is difficult, but even harder is the mind set. As Kenzie put it, this is where I got ‘stuck.’ Covid didn’t help the feeling of uselessness. No one needs me. Wrong thinking! Let’s start with: I need me! This is where her first point comes in.

I Have Choices

We all have all kinds of choices and it starts with our attitude. Am I going to concentrate on what I no longer have/can do, or am I going to look around me and see all the blessings that are right in front of me? As she said, I am equipped for the season I am in so shall I enjoy it or wallow in self-pity?!

I Have Wisdom

Next, she reminded us that we all have wisdom. Some of that is from life experience, some from intentional effort, and mostly it is from our loving Father who is available to us at all times. Ask. He is there to walk with you through whatever season you are in at the time. I am learning that I have a lot of knowledge that I have not transferred into wisdom.

I Have Thankfulness

Gratitude is the final punch for me. In the Old Testament the people built altars in the places where God had done specific favors for them. This was to remind them of His goodness, and they were to tell the children of these events. Memories. Keep alive those times when you felt a closeness, a special touch from the Lord. Record them and review them. Gratitude will always overcome the sorrows.

Identify your season and enjoy it!

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