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Norma Dunn


Seasons: Part 2

Last month Kenzie wrote her thoughts about seasonal living. If you did not read it, it's worth going back to see (or reread it)! I want to share with you how her words encouraged me. I have been keenly aware recently how much our lives are lived in 'seasons.' As a child it took forever for that next birthday or…
Norma Dunn
July 25, 2022

This Spirit and Tongues

QUESTION: As I study speaking in tongues, I have a few questions that I feel like varies from person to person.... When speaking in tongues: Is that something that happens out of the presence of it Spirit (uncontrollable), is it something that a person just decides to do, or both? ANSWER: Thanks for the question, David.  This is a big…
Norma Dunn
February 22, 2021
IrelandMission Trips

The Boy in Ireland

It was very early in the 1990’s, and there was still a lot of tension (even danger) between Ireland and Northern Ireland.  We were in the Republic of Ireland for the first time, and we were loving the beauty of the country, the warm and welcoming people and the opportunity to share our simple message of God’s love. We were…
Norma Dunn
May 29, 2020
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It wasn’t exactly like we were starving…

It wasn’t exactly like we were starving, but I guess if you were a teen-aged boy you may have thought so! The quality of food we were being fed at the camp where we were staying definitely left a lot to be desired. As the team leader, I had already broken the camp rules by sneaking my team of 23 people down the…
Norma Dunn
March 23, 2020