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ENVISION A Madagascar Mission Trip

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The Malagasy people live in sever poverty, and their culture and lack of economic strength keeps them marginalized. This is a remote place where the people live primitively. Electricity and running water are luxuries the people who live outside the city cannot afford. Short term teams should travel here knowing it will be more of an “extreme” trip as there will be few creature comforts that Americans are used to.

Short Term trip members can partner with Faly and Clara in a variety of ways as they are serving their community with education, medical care, and agriculture. Evangelism, teaching, children’s ministry, work projects, agricultural projects, and medical care projects are all things with which to best serve this host.

A trip to Madagascar should be at least 2, preferably 3 weeks. It takes several days to get there and be ready to serve, as the travel is a bit strenuous. There are a few opportunities for sightseeing and recreational activities, but it is a good idea to add a bit of time on the end of the trip to stay in Johannesburg, South Africa before returning o the states for some R&R (safaris, bbq’s, etc.), as you have to stop in South Africa to enter and exit Madagascar.

This trip packs a lot of impact! The team will be forever changed as they see a people group bound by religious, economic and cultural oppression, and the life that Jesus brings makes a significant difference. This culture has been living without the basics of love for many generations, and love is truly a foreign concept. So, when love is introduced, and the people feel it for the first time, it creates such dramatic impact, giving the team member an experience that is truly unforgettable.

Expect a dramatic trip like this one to cost upwards of $5,500 a team member. Very doable amount with a sufficient timeframe for fundraising for your team.

  • Children’s Ministry – VBS styled events
  • Church Ministry – Speaking and participating in church services
  • Community Ministry – Relational ministry is very important for these hosts’ long term effectiveness
  • Work Projects – There is usually some up-keep to work on
  • Medical and Dental Clinic Ministry – This is the hosts’ ministry though how you are involved with that pertains to your skill and certification
  • Street Ministry in and near Antananarivo
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