** Originally written for In Motion Certified Leaders and Leaders in Training **

I don’t know your opinion or if you have ever even thought about it, but all of us reading this email and those you see at IMLT are pretty different creatures. Differences range from trivial to things that we consider to be basic aspects of our personality and character. I could spit off potential differences but you likely know your strengths, weaknesses, and unique features as they compare with other people. Hopefully, this is a mature view; one in which you know your ultimate identity in the Father, beyond your silliness and own good works.

As all of us have grown we have figured out certain things about ourselves. Perhaps you enjoy getting to bed by 9 pm or you that must exercise in the morning or else you won’t have the energy to do so later in the day. More importantly, you may have figured out that you need to work with your hands or else you get restless, or that talking to as many people in your day to day as possible is your sweet spot.

We all have these “things” that make us, us. If they were missing, people would be asking if we are alright. These are traits that we even pride ourselves with.

Leadership Challenge – What is your Creative Calling?

My question for you. Have you taken enough time this year to think about your uniqueness?  Your God-given wiring, and how it enables you to be a blessing in your daily life and to share the Good News of salvation to the world?

While you think about just how different we are, we do have several things in common, you and I and the lot of us. We are IMM Certified Leaders and LITs with a passion for reaching just about anyone (how many countries have you been to?). We are Christians, in our own contexts and locales. We have the same Spirit within us that spurs us on to great acts. In essence, we have the same purpose and the same power and at the same time, we have different personalities, talents, experiences, opportunities, and networks.

What is different about you culminates in a unique effect that only you can bring about on a world that so desperately needs hope and new life. Leading mission trips may constitute 2-5 weeks of any given year for you but what happens the other 48 weeks? This is really what the IMM Leadership program is about. Helping you to be the best you, full of love and understanding, during all 52 weeks out of the year. Some of that on the mission field and a whole lot everywhere else you go.

We all have creative callings that are fitted to each one of us and we possess the power to fulfill that calling through the Spirit. Your calling is very much the same as mine, but at the very same time, it is very different than mineI invite you to think about and celebrate your Creative Calling as maybe you never have before.

IMLT is an Opportunity to Grow your Leadership Capabilities

We have an IMLT coming up in October and it would be awesome to hear what you think about this article and to learn how your leadership growth has affected your time on the mission field as well as at home and work. Your unique leadership style and Christian maturity isn’t relegated to one part of your life but is a transferable skill (and gift) that you can use everywhere you go.

Let’s go and do creative things with our time and resources.

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