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Spain / Portugal


Travel to Spain and/or Portugal on a mission trip! You will see a completely unique and inspiring culture. These countries house gorgeous landscapes, varied climates, and wonderful people. Depending on your trip, you may have the chance to minister in churches, on the streets, to refugees, help with service projects, and much more. Although Catholicism is widespread, many people have no active relationship with Father God. Although many of them may have all their physical needs met, you can bring all new levels of God’s love to the people of these countries. God may use you in completely unexpected ways. Be the change in Spain and Portugal. Apply today.

Make the most out of your Spain mission trips and spread His love. Keep an eye on your goal to share God’s word in your Portugal mission trips. Make your mission trips to Portugal and Western Europe your best adventures yet.

  • Community Ministry
  • Refugee Ministry
  • Church Ministry
  • Work Projects
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Spain and Portugal Mission Trips