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South America


You and your team can serve in the land of ancient civilizations, llamas, and alpacas! Of course there is pressing spiritual needs in the country. Join In Motion Ministries and their hosts in the amazing work God is doing in Peru. This beautiful country set in the Andes Mountains holds many opportunities for ministry to its diverse people – from engaging in urban children’s ministry in Lima; to bringing the gospel to those in university; to working with an organization that teaches sexual abuse awareness and prevention to children in schools and orphanages; to bringing the love of Jesus to the remote, rural Quechua Indian villages high above Cuzco!

You may even get to see Machu Picchu, one of the new 7 Wonders of the World! Your short-term mission trip will be filled with amazing vistas, welcoming and hospitable people, and the joy of furthering the Kingdom of God in South America. This trip will be a real treat and very satisfying. Set yourself apart from the rest and reach beyond your boundaries.

Experience your Peru mission trip the way every Christian should. Use your mission trips to Peru to explore ways to share His unconditional love in the community.

  • Kids Ministry
  • Human Trafficking
  • Rural Village Ministry
  • College Ministry
  • Education Programs
  • Urban Ministry
  • Medical and Dental Clinic Ministry
  • Drama/Music/Dance/Puppet Ministry
  • Church Ministry
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