You may have heard the good news! In Motion Ministries is opening its leadership training program to anyone! For many years we focused on training short-term mission leaders. Realizing the power of the training that is provided through our training program, we are opening our training to all leaders 

Which is to say we are opening it up to everyone! Because everyone has positions of leadership in their lives. As an employee, an employer, a spouse, a parent, a church leader, a community leader –and the list goes on and on–, we all have areas of leadership in our lives.  

Two of the main drivers we see in our world are love and fear. Both are powerful motivators and are therefore broadly used in all aspects of our world. Many things drive how they are used, but at the root of most everything, you will see love or fear as the base driving motivator.  

Start watching what you see in your day-to-day: commercials, the way an offering is taken at church, the way we discipline our children, even the way we treat our spouses. You will see, all around you, the driver of love or fear. 

At the core of IMM’s leadership training, you will find an emphasis on these drivers. Why? Because while fear is a powerful motivator, it is not a healthy motivator. As disciples of Christ, we can choose which motivator we use in our leadership. If we choose fear, then we default to things like control, manipulation, intimidation, and domination. With fear, the goal is to get people to comply. This costs both the controlled and the controller greatly. 

If we choose to lead from love, then we are free to honor and prefer others. We encourage, motivate, inspire, elevate and build people up to be the best they can possibly be. We are not looking to promote ourselves as much as we are looking to promote others. To lift them up and help them LIVE! 

 You are invited to join us at an upcoming leadership training event. You are also invited to check out our leadership VLOGS (video blogs)! And stayed tuned as we unveil new ways to join IMM in a quest to develop healthy leaders who lead from love rather than from fear.  


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