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Mission Trips and Training Schedule

Organization or Partnership
December 27th - January 7th, 2020
Clemson Univeristy

This is a CLOSED trip, available only for Clemson Univeristy’s FCA students, traveling to France on Dec. 27th, 2019 – Jan. 7th, 2020. Ministry based in a small village called St Hilaire de Voust. Evangelism, getting to know local French churches and ministries, and practical helps for various members of our fellowship. There are several churches/home groups involved in the project and all are enthusiastic about this trip.

January 17th - 19th, 2020
IMLT (Leadership Training)
Greeley, Colorado

IMLT (In Motion Leadership Training) is open to all who are interested in In Motion and the leadership function of the organization. There are paths for personal leadership and Mission Trip leadership that are helpful for most every person. The training requires you to apply, pay the meager fee (for food and facility use), and to coordinate travel arragements to Greeley, Colorado. There will be office support for each step if you desire it.

March 23rd - 31st, 2020
CBC Cincinnati
Costa Rica

This trip is to fulfill Charis Bible College’s requirement for a 2nd year missionary experience needed to graduate from their program. CLOSED to individuals outside this CBC extension school.

April 21st - 30th, 2020
CBC Chicago

This trip is to fulfill Charis Bible College’s requirement for a 2nd year missionary experience needed to graduate from their program. CLOSED to individuals outside this CBC extension school.

May 27th - June 5th, 2020
You Are Worthy
Lame Deer, Montana

This is an Open Trip for women who are interested in a unique ministry opportunity, ministering to other women. You Are Worthy mission trips are in a category of their own as they present a one-of-a-kind experience for the women involved and actively draw women out into a place of healing and restoration. The trip price is $1075 excluding airfare, which will be different for every person (depending on where you are originating from).

Summer, 2020
Ignite - Missions Intensive
Costa Rica

This experience is designed for young adults looking to get a firm vision of the missions world. One week is a full training (like what we do at our IMLT weekends) and also prepparation for the trip. The second week is in Costa Rica with a fairly intense (think jungles) punch list of ministry activity in remote places. This is a great opportunity that will surely bring you out of most of your comfort zones and stretch you in your knowledge and leadership. Please see the full details.

July 5th - 12th, 2020
Closed Trip
Homer, Alaska

You will be serving Alaska Bible Institute by helping with the renovation of the dormitories and the opportunity to do some outreach activities to share the Good News of God’s love to the community. Team members age 14 and up are welcome, as are children who are accompanied by their parents/guardian. $1189 + round trip airfare to Anchorage

July 11th - 19th, 2020
Open Trip
Costa Rica

This is an Open Trip meaning that it is open for individuals to join. This will be a Ministry heavry trip (think evangelism and church services) with one of In Motion’s most active hosts. Trip Price is set at $1259.00 with airfare estimated at $750.00 bringing this total package at an estimated $2,009.00. Airfare is known to fluctuate (up and down) so sticking to payment schedules is paramount.

Key Terms and Things to Know

Open Trips

These are Mission Trips that are open for registration by individuals or small groups. Some teams have less than our minimum team size and thus open up the trip to allow other people within the In Motion network to join them. Subject to the registration process.


When you apply for a trip you are allowing the In Motion Ministries office to review your application and determine suitability for the particular trip. Registration is not a guarantee for getting onto the trip. Most everyone with a genuine passion for the trip will find this process clarifying. The registration process is handled through Managed Missions. Make sure to register for the correct trips.

Private / Closed Trips

These trips are created by teams that have the minimum number of participants (team members) and wish to remain closed to the broader In Motion network. Churches, universities and colleges, and other groups often create trips where they want to build cohesiveness and closeness within their own group. See our 'Build a Trip' page located below.

You Are Worthy (YRW)

These trips are for women who want to minister to other women. These are special occasions and you are encouraged to visit the You Are Worthy page under the 'Mission Trips' tab above for greater details or conveniently below. Nearly all trips are open trips. These tend to become second families for many ladies.

In Motion Leadership Training (IMLT)

Leadership trainings that are open to anyone wanting to get involved with IMM in a greater capacity. There are 2 three day trainings hosted each year. Making one of these every year is mandatory for all IMM Certified Leaders to stay active with IMM and lead trips. See the below link for more information about IMLTs.