After training in Orlando, Florida this team from Lakehaven Church will fly to San Jose, Costa Rica. They will have an evening of ministry with local youth who are primarily the children of missionaries. Then it will be time to pack up and head for the Nicaraguan border where they will set up camp in a jungle village. For 3 days they will visit a local school in the mornings and bring the children the message of God’s wonderful love for them. In the afternoons they will hold Women’s ministry events. Evenings will be services in the area church.

The next 3 days they will visit in the homes of local believers to bring encouragement and fellowship. They will hold a VBS for the children and hold a 3-day Evangelistic Campaign in the evenings.

After their final church service they will go swimming in the jungle river and pack up to head back to San Jose. There they will have a final debriefing and have a day of recreation at the La Paz waterfall gardens. Then the hard part comes – they fly home!