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Dominican Republic

Bright smiles await you in the gorgeous Dominican Republic. The warm hospitality you will receive from the beautiful Dominicans will touch your heart. You may see affluence in the city, but step outside of the developed areas into the rural communities and see a night and day difference. Marginalized neighborhoods suffer from poverty and despair.

Bringing the hope and light of the Gospel to these people will change their perspective and their life’s trajectory. Jesus came to bring the Good News to the poor, blind the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners. (Isaiah 61:1) We are His hands and feet and there is much to do! You and your group can partner with us and a gracious host in the Dominican Republic on a short-term mission adventure that will bring eternal rewards to the ones you minister to in love!

Your Christian mission trip to the Dominican Republic are aimed at enabling you to share your gift of time, talent, and genuine love to those who need it. This is also a featured Country where we have In-Country hosts and partners that supply water filters for Families and Children to have on-demand access to clean water.

  • Church Ministry – Take Part of Local Church Services
  • Urban Ministry – On the streets for the good of others
  • Kids Ministry – VBS Styled Events
  • Work Projects
  • Food Distribution to Impoverished People
  • Clean Water Projects to Families and Children
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