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Colorado Mission Trips

Beautiful Colorado is the home of In Motion and is where our international travel sprang up from. Aside from being the home of HQ, there are tons of ministry opportunities that are available here. Colorado has a vast mix of highly-urban (think Denver) to rural farm towns. The diversity is high boasting a huge population of Hispanics and other immigrant groups.

In Motion has a large network within Colorado since this is home for us, so if you are wanting any particular kind of ministry, that is certainly possible. Ask if we have denominational connections or general connections based on what interests your group.

From time to time there may be volunteer opportunities at the In Motion offices and we host a few leadership training events throughout the year. In addition to having a great mission trip, you can enjoy time in the Rocky Mountains at the end of your trip to give your group some time to think about the impact you had just made.

  • Work Projects
  • Kid’s Ministry
  • Homeless Ministry
  • Food Pantry
  • Low-Income Family Help
  • Street Ministry
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