Hope you have a happy 2020! Mission Trip Organization

As 2020 begins, this thing I know, God loves you and His eyes are on YOU! This year, this day, God looks at you and wants one thing. YOU! He wants to know you, to relate with you, to bless you, to live with you and cause you to live! In fact, give this some thought… Jesus died and rose again for one reason: that you might live (John 3:16 and John 10:10).

If you have not already, I encourage you to think about 2020 and what it means for you to truly live, to thrive, to and enjoy God every day. Rather than a list of things to doconsider how you can LIVE this year.

IMM has always been a group of people inspired to go in common directions. We focus more on this than about building an organization. Oh yes, building an organization we are, but we are building it around people. Not using people to build an organization. I hope you can hear the difference in this viewpoint because it drives all that we do.

It is IMM’s desire that everyone associated with IMM experience the intense emotion of connecting with God; whether this is while participating in an IMM ministry, serving as a volunteer, working on staff or any way we meet along our journey. People deserve to be led from a position of love and an ever-deepening realization of their value, dignity and worth because of the finished work of Jesus on the cross. We want them to leave their contact with IMM having experienced God’s amazing love for them.

In 2019 we met this goal through the following avenues:

  • You Are Worthy held several life-impacting events including 3 short-term mission trips that were focused on empowering women.
  • IMM planned and lead 11 short-term mission trips.
  • In addition to the above, we committed to leading 22 short-term mission trips for Convoy of Hope Field Teams.
  • Water Project was born! This project is focused on Christ-centered water projects that literally save lives and bring the life of Christ to families in impoverished countries.
  • 2 leadership training events were held at the IMM office in Colorado. These are always an amazing time of like-minded people getting together for training on how to lead short-term mission trips.

For 2020 our focus and activities adjust very little from 2019. The vision is clear and together we are impacting our world. We only adjust to fine-tune, improve, or add new people to the team. Otherwise, our focus and purpose are clear.

So here we go, in 2020 we look forward to the following activities:

The heart and vision are clear, and the practical steps are set, but above all, we endeavor to LIVE as we do all that we do at IMM in 2020. We highly encourage you to do the same and set your course on LIVING!

It’s is our delight to invite you to be a part of the IMM team in the way that you choose. Together we make a difference, together we LIVE.


It’s not too late. Start your group’s mission trip process today.

The first step is dreaming a little, actually. Click the link below and start with the first step, a survey about your groups’ needs and hopes for a 2020 mission trip. After that, we will guide you the rest of the way.

First step for starting 2020 mission trip with in motion ministries

Click here to start your first step for creating a mission trip for your group of 10 or more

2020 Mission Trip Calendar

Click here to see the Mission Trip Calendar that is in progress for 2020

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