First VLOG for the In Motion Leaders Vlog and Blog Section

You’re in on it! Thanks for being a part of the team and being Leaders at In Motion.

In this edition we are looking at:

  • Asking questions to dig deeper with team members
  • Knowing what our questions are doing inside the head of the other person. Are they confused, trying to sort something out, or passionate about what you asked them?
  • Paying attention to body language and speed to answer the question.
  • Reach out at a later time to see if that person had to process the question a bit.
  • Saundra’s favorite questions #1: What is super important to you; what is a core value that you sort everything by?
  • Saundra’s favorite questions #2: *In conflict* What in this situation, conversation, the scenario is the thing that is making you feel that way? There seems to be a lot of variables, but what is the one thing here that you are really feeling or caring about?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Leader Vlog
  2. Asking the Right Questions – by Saundra Dunn – You’re Here!
  3. Staying focused with Team Members (Patience)
  4. To be released
  5. To be released
  6. To be released

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  • Norma Dunn says:

    I don’t have a lot of interaction with the actual teams, but I do have the privilege of debriefing the leaders and L.I.T.s that were with the teams. A lot of my questions tend to be about the practical details, statistics and how to’s in regard to the mission trip. I would appreciate some suggestions in regard to questions I should be asking that maybe I am not. I want to make sure that I am helping the leaders debrief and process and not just collecting my information.

  • As someone who doesn’t get on many trips either 😉 I love hearing the heart level questions because it is so easy to just have the practical mindset about it all.
    To be simple though, I want to ask questions to see how far along their Christian journey they are. I also want to know what they thought they would gain from the mission trip. What is making driving them to make this huge financial, time, and comfort bending commitment that we know as a mission trip.

  • David Frerking says:

    Great job Saundra,

    The idea of questions to deal with conflict is great. Otherwise you are left with just don’t do that etc.

    Thanks for all


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