February’s Leader VLOG is out Now!

Lots of trips planned for 2020 so far and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. That means there are a lot of opportunities to make an impact with teams from all across the country!

Saundra Dunn continues the discussion on “What questions do you ask so that you can connect with your team”? This time we are focusing on the follow-through. Mission trips are crazy things and it is easy to side-step the much-needed conversations for logistics and other practical matters. How do you stay team member focused through your trips?

This one is one of those that is simple but we all fall prey to it. We lose focus on our team members and don’t stick out the long, hard conversations that prove to be the most helpful for our team members. For the team members that are on this trip, this is probably a very unique opportunity for them. Asking them deep, good questions is vital for opening their hearts and minds. If you move too quickly from the deep conversations with them (even if it is to plan out logistics for the team) you may be losing an opportunity for them to gain more impact.

Refer to the prequel to this video about Asking Good Questions of your Team Members on a mission trip – https://youtu.be/kvxQp4VEL5o or by looking at the Table of Contents below!

The topic for today:

How can we focus better on our team members in a new situation for them?

Questions for you to answer to help other leaders:

How do you stay engaged with your team members? What is your favorite part of working with team members that makes it easy for you to stay engaged with them? What are the things that are usually on your mind that side-track you? You are a busy leader so there is probably a lot of things happening every moment of your mission trip.

Table of Contents – Other Episodes of the In Motion Mission Trip Leadership Blog ….. Long Title. Sorry, not sorry 🙂

  1. Introduction to Leader Vlog
  2. Asking the Right Questions by Saundra Dunn
  3. Staying focused with Team Members by Saundra Dunn – You’re Here!
  4. To be released
  5. To be released
  6. To be released – Are you good on camera and have some mission trip leadership acumen you want to share? See the email below and ask Chris to set this up at the next IMLT or some time you’re in the Greeley area.

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  • Kenz Morris says:

    Definitely a skill! And a skill that requires lots of practice. The more we practice, the easier it gets. Important for listening to people, but, in all reality, something we all probably need to get better at in general. The research proves it –multitasking is NOT effective! Thanks of sharing Saundra!

  • Vicki Brawner says:

    This is one of my favorite things on a trip – talking with the team members. There is no better way to love them well than listening to their story. If they are not talkative, it is helpful to ask a question that does not have the opportunity for just yes or no…that way you can have insight into their hearts as they put their thoughts into words. By truly listening to their answer, you can find the next step in engaging them. Sometimes all they need is reassurance that you are hearing them so the unending “uh-huh’s” play a big part in being focused. I find I do think of the ways I am going to respond so that I am letting them know they are being heard. This might mean repeating back to them what you are hearing them say, maybe a little differently. Good communication skills include being a good listener – which, you are right, takes focus and intentionality. This is where a lot of the impact is hiding on a trip!

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