March’s Leader VLOG is out!

It is a crazy time with COVID-19 complicating trip planning and with social life going digital. But, that makes it a good time for a discussion about leadership. What do you say?

Thank you, Saundra Dunn, for another great video and some wonderful prompts for thought. This week, the topic is CONFIDENCE. Do you have it? Do you show a bit too much? How can we reign in the excess but still put our teams at ease?

Watch the video, find the question, then scroll to the bottom and answer the question in the comments. Participation is key because your views and thoughts are what make the leadership program so powerful for many others.

Confidence has two sides.

It can be great in leadership as to make the followers feel solid, safe, and secure. It can also look foolish if overplayed or done in insecurity.

There is still room for you to be honest about not having every answer in every situation.

Confidence isn’t knowing all the outcomes but knowing how to handle things and make smart decisions that are solid in the face of uncertainty. The point is to make your team feel secure and safe in your leadership. This builds trust and helps them have the best trip possible. It gives them room to step out because they know that they have someone who has things under control that allows them to try things out and step out in faith.

Question: How do you lead with confidence AND decide to be real and honest with your team?

This is the 3rd In Motion Ministries Leader VLOG (Video Blog) where we take into consideration what it takes to be an effective leader on the mission field. Mission trips are a very unique place to be a leader. In Motion has trained leaders for years in how to lead short term mission trips in various countries.

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We love and appreciate our In Motion family and are praying for you during these strange times. Again, here is our Question for the month. Answer broadly, specifically, amply, or however you best want to.

Question: How do you lead with confidence AND decide to be real and honest with your team? Leave your thoughts in the comments by scrolling to the bottom.

Table of Contents – Other Episodes of the In Motion Mission Trip Leadership Blog

  1. Introduction to Leader Vlog
  2. Asking the Right Questions by Saundra Dunn
  3. Staying focused with Team Members by Saundra Dunn
  4. Confidence; Not too much or too little – You’re Here!
  5. To be released
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  • Confidence is probably a hard one for a lot of people. Even if we have lots of redeemable qualities, there are usually a few insecurities that can rob us from walking in Godly confidence. I think, going along with your honesty bit Saundra, is just owning your limitations. I like to tell jokes to ease situations but I also know that my jokes don’t land the same for everybody. It helps when I can admit that upfront, “Hey guys, I am really funny but none of you will be able to tell.” Just an example
    That takes the power away from the insecurity and lets you operate just as you are AND in confidence.

  • Bethany says:

    Thanks Saundra! Confidence + honesty is a tricky combo to master but so important as a whole and healthy leader. Appreciate the encouragement to grow here!

  • Saundra Dunn says:

    This is definitely a journey! I think a big part of this is learning to just be present. Pre-sent yourself and BE THERE. This alone shows an element of confidence, rather than just thinking forward about what we need to do, or thinking past of what we should have done! Presence is a really BIG deal and a real part of confidence.

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