April’s Leader VLOG is out!

It is a crazy time with COVID-19 complicating trip planning and with social life going digital. But, that makes it a good time for a discussion about leadership. What do you say?

Thank you, Saundra Dunn, for another great video and some wonderful prompts for thought. This week, the topic is OWNING UP and admitting your shortcomings in the moment. Haven’t you experienced this to be true?

Watch the video, find the question, then scroll to the bottom and answer the question in the comments. Participation is key because your views and thoughts are what make the leadership program so powerful for many others.

On this go ’round we discuss the ability to talk about our mistakes with those we are leading as a way of being honest and to build trust. Mistakes are okay when they are admitted to and improved on. Saundra Dunn with In Motion Ministries is excited about this VLOG series and we hope that can take these thoughts and directly apply them to your life and leadership.

This is the 4th In Motion Ministries Leadership VLOG (Video Blog) where we take into consideration what it takes to be an effective leader where ever you find yourself leading.

Question: How do you feel about admitting mistakes to those you are leading? What benefit do you see could come from doing this?

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We love and appreciate our In Motion family and are praying for you during these strange times. Again, here is our Question for the month. Answer broadly, specifically, amply, or however you best want to.

Question: How do you lead with confidence AND decide to be real and honest with your team? Leave your thoughts in the comments by scrolling to the bottom.

Table of Contents – Other Episodes of the In Motion Mission Trip Leadership Blog

  1. Introduction to Leader Vlog
  2. Asking the Right Questions by Saundra Dunn
  3. Staying focused with Team Members by Saundra Dunn
  4. Confidence; Not too much or too little – Saundra Dunn
  5. Building Confidence in your Leadership – Admitting Mistakes – You’re Here!
  6. To be released – Are you good on camera and have some mission trip leadership acumen you want to share? See the email below and ask Chris to set this up at the next IMLT or some time you’re in the Greeley area.

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